18 Months Old!

Claire 18 Months

Holy moly, Claire is a year and a half old!!! Crazy! It seems like just yesterday that we celebrated her 1st birthday and now we’re halfway to her 2nd.

This month had a bunch of big changes: we stopped nursing, got rid of the pacifier, are down to 1 nap a day, and no more baby monitor! She really is growing up so fast!!

Here’s an update on our 18-month-old:

  • Weight: We will find out this week at her 18 month doctor’s appointment! She’s growing so much! She’s wearing 18 month clothing and size 4 shoes (but they are big on her).
  • Loves:
    • To make animal noises including elephant, cat, dog, lion, tiger, horse, snake, and cow.
    • To read. She’s more willing to sit down and read through a book with CJ and I and loves to sit and flip through books on her own.
    • To talk! She says a ton of words now and still has her own little languages when she’s saying what sounds like sentences.
    • Elmo! The first time she said Elmo’s name, she said “Melmo.” She can now say Elmo perfectly.
    • Trucks and buses! She gets so excited when we drive past them.
    • Bananas. When she sees them she yells “NANA!” until she gets one to eat.
    • To empty her cabinet in the kitchen that’s filled with sippy cups.
    • To play catch with Zoe.
    • Mickey and Minnie Mouse! She was Minnie Mouse for Halloween.
  • Hates:
    • Diaper changes, big surprise there (I’m being sarcastic).
    • Not really a fan of PDA coming from CJ and I. If we hold hands or hug, she yells “Mama! Daddy!” until we stop.
  • Talents:
    • To feed herself. She prefers big kid spoons and forks and, if the opportunity present itself, she will take our utensils. She’s been able to do this for a while I’ve just been forgetting to add it to an update!
    • To drink from cups.
  • Sleeping:
    • We have not been doing so well in the sleep department this last month. We’ve been putting her down around 8 and, after 3 or so hours of sleeping, she wakes up with a vengeance. She just keeps saying “mama! mama! mama! daddy!” until we come in. We’ve resorted to bringing her into bed with us because it’s the only way she’ll calm down and sleep after that first mini-nap. We can’t figure out what the problem is. We thought she might be afraid of the dark so we turned on her nightlight but it didn’t help. We’re hoping this is just a phase. UPDATE: She woke up once last night but after a little bit of fussing, put herself back to sleep. HURRAY! I don’t want to jinx it but I’m hoping it happens again tonight.
    • She’s now down to 1 nap a day as of last Friday!



Claire wasn’t super interested in taking her 18-month photo so Zoe gladly walked over and sat in for her

  • Other Random Facts:
    • I stopped nursing two weeks ago. My milk production has been slowly decreasing over the past few months and, two weeks ago, it pretty much stopped. There really was nothing there for me to give her anymore. The first night I didn’t nurse, we could tell she was thirsty so gave her water in a sippy cup and then she just cuddled with me for a few minutes before I laid her down. I, of course, silently cried with tears streaming down my face. I was ready to stop but, at the same time, I’ll never be ready to stop. It’s just a sign that she’s growing up which is difficult for me to swallow. I think that’s the most heartbreaking thing about motherhood… no matter what I do, she can’t stay little forever. These moments are all fleeting and I need to soak up every moment. I try to soak up every moment but it’s still not enough for me. I can’t get enough of her.
    • A week after stopping nursing, we stopped giving her a pacifier. She was so dependent on that and, while we tried to only give it to her during nap times and bedtimes, she would ask for it when she started to get upset as a coping mechanism. She also started to break out a bit around her mouth from having it so much so we just decided one day to not give it to her anymore. She fought it for the first couple nap times and the first night without it but, after that, has been amazing!
    • She likes milk now!! A huge relief now that nursing is over. She chugs it at mealtime.
    • After Claire treated our baby monitor like a hammer, it broke, so instead of getting a new one, we decided to stop using it. Since our house is older, we can easily hear her so there really was no need for it.

Isn’t it amazing how much our little ones can change in just a month’s time!?!? It absolutely baffles me.

I’m so excited for Thanksgiving this year and can’t wait to see if Claire loves it as much as I do! Last year, she was just starting to eat solid foods so this year is going to be so different and so fun.

Halloween 2015

Claire was focused on trying to pick up that pumpkin haha

Hawaii Vacation

Buckle your seat belts, this is a long post!

We had our first official family vacation to Maui at the end of September / beginning of October! We went on vacation with my parents which was so fun! It was CJ and my first vacation since our honeymoon three years ago so it was definitely overdue.

We arrived!

We arrived!

On traveling with a toddler: This is Claire’s 5th trip on a plane but it was a whole different ballgame. We had a bag of entertainment for her to keep her occupied on the flight but I wouldn’t say it was super successful. She’s an explorer so nothing can distract her enough to make her forget about the fact that she can’t wander around. We had coloring books, markers (that were clear unless they touched the special coloring book paper… awesome for a plane so they didn’t mark you up or the tray tables!), cups for her to stack, a Frozen coin purse, a fun rattle, toy cell phone, and a few other things. The most interesting items for Claire were the markers and the coloring book but that still only lasted for a minute or two at a time.

Anyway, it took way longer for her to fall asleep on the plane than we thought. Thankfully, Nana (my mom) came to save us on the flight home and Claire napped with her the last hour or so. She was a lifesaver!!

The good news is her ears weren’t bothered at all by the takeoff and landing and she loved looking out the window! For both flights, we sat next to people who loved babies and toddlers so we were really lucky.

Going forward, we’re reserving a seat for her on flights because she’s at the age where she needs her own space.


Family photo on Front Street!

Family photo on Front Street!

Nana, Papa and Claire in Banyan Tree Park

Nana, Papa and Claire in Banyan Tree Park

As far as the vacation itself, it was so fun! We weren’t sure how Claire would like the ocean but she was in heaven. She woke up every morning around 5:30am and was ready to head down to the beach. So much so, that she would bang on the front door to our condo to tell us she wanted to leave.  She giggled every time we brought her in the water and when we started to walk away she would shout, “MORE!”. That was definitely the one of the top 4 highlights of the trip.

Paparazzi shot of CJ and Claire on the beach!

Paparazzi shot of CJ and Claire on the beach!

Sept 30

Mommy and Claire on Ka'anapali Beach

Mommy and Claire on Ka’anapali Beach

Another item on the top 4 – Ululani’s Shaved Ice. SO GOOD!! We got the Sunset flavor (it’s a combination of 3 different flavors) with macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom. We fell in love with the macadamia nut ice cream so much that we hunted it down at one of the local grocery stores so we could have more in our condo. We highly recommend going there and especially the one on Front Street in Old Town Lahaina.

Because we went on vacation with my parents, we were also lucky enough to sneak in a date night! We went down to Old Town Lahaina, one of our favorite places from the trip, and had dinner at a restaurant on the water and then met up with friends for drinks. They happened to be on vacation in Maui the same time as us, what are the odds!?

Luau at the Hyatt!

Luau at the Hyatt!

Last but not least, we all went to a luau with my parents on our last night. To get Claire excited for Hawaii, we showed her the movie Lilo and Stitch so she was already familiar with hula dancing. When she saw the performers come up on stage, we could tell she was dying to go up there with them. She kept trying to run up to the stage but we told her that she had to wait.

Daddy and Claire dancing at the luau

Daddy and Claire dancing at the luau

When the hula dancing lesson started, I asked her if she wanted to go up there and she laughed uncontrollably (which is her way of saying yes). She was incredibly excited! Claire must be a natural performer because she absolutely loved being up on stage. She bounced up and down, twirled, tried to copy the other people, and clapped when everyone else clapped. I’m a little biased but I’m pretty sure she was the star of the show. I don’t think it’s an understatement when I say it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I’m an emotional person (especially since becoming a mama) and almost cried from happiness after that. I danced for 12 years so seeing Claire up on stage and so happy dancing was too much for my former-dancer-mommy heart to handle.

Nana and Claire!

Nana and Claire playing in the ocean!

Papa and Claire

Papa and Claire enjoying the view of the ocean!

Other fun memories:

On the plantation tour!

On the plantation tour!

  • A cool tour at a plantation where we learned about how pineapple plants grow (so interesting!) and about the many uses of coconuts
Dancing on the dinner cruise

Dancing on the dinner cruise

  • A dinner cruise with beautiful views of the island. The cruise was DEFINITELY not meant for toddlers because all the tables were on the roof of the boat with only enough room to walk in between the rows of tables. Basically a nightmare for people with curious toddlers. We tried to leave when we got on but they ended up setting up a table on the first floor, where no one else was seated, and it ended up being a private dinner because of that! CJ and I danced with Claire on the boat to the live music playing above and it was much less stressful. The cruise people were so accommodating.
  • Lunch at Cool Cats on Front Street
  • Claire saying “Hi!” to a parrot on Front Street. A man had a ton of birds that you could take pictures with but, instead of paying $25 for the picture, Claire just said hi.
  • Visiting the Banyan tree park
  • Driving up to Iao Valley for a hike only to discover it was dumping rain and turning around because we weren’t prepared for that type of weather. It was still fun to see even though it was overcast and rainy!
  • Eating delicious BBQed food from Mama’s Ribs & Rotisserie. We ordered it to-go twice and ate it in our condo. Claire LOVED the chicken and beans.
  • Went on a drive up to Pineapple Hill which had a beautiful view. We spent a lot of Claire’s naps driving around.
  • Wandered around Whaler’s Village and playing in the ocean on Ka’anapali Beach

Oct 1

Other than that, the only lowlight was that we got rear ended on our second day there. It wasn’t the best way to start a trip but everyone was fine so that’s all that we could really hope for. I’m glad it was at the beginning of the trip because we were able to make up for it and end on a high note.

We can’t wait for our next trip! Rest assured, it will definitely include three seats on the plane reservation. I think that was our biggest lesson learned. ;)

17 Months Old!

17 Months

Claire has grown up so much in the past month, it’s crazy! She’s talking so much more and we can totally tell she’s listening and taking in what we’re saying. We absolutely love seeing more of her personality come out and have been having so much fun with her!

Here’s a summary of our little 17-month-old:

  • Weight: I have no idea but we just recently started putting her in 12-18 month clothing. Some brands are already super snug while others are a bit big but they are much more comfortable for her.
Claire loving our view in Hawaii and smiling at Papa

Claire loving our view in Hawaii and smiling at Papa

  • Loves:
    • To grab our hand and lead us to where she wants to go.
    • To hold our hands and walk around.
    • To say “ow” when she’s not getting what she wants. Not funny at all to us. But she clearly knows that it’s a way to get what she wants.
    • To dance.
    • Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Lilo & Stitch, Frozen. You know, the usual for her.
    • Pools and oceans. She loves anything water-related!
    • To pretend to drive the car. She has to do it every time we get into the car which means that we need to get ready to go somewhere much earlier to account for extra “driving” time.
    • Parks. She loves to go down the slides, climb on the play structures, go in the swings, and meeting new little friends.
    • To copy and repeat what we say and do.
    • To share! Really, she absolutely loves sharing her food and toys with anyone.
    • Buses, trucks, and birds. If she sees any of them, she yells out in excitement and wants to chase after them.
    • Papa (my dad). It has been a recurring theme but he’s still her most favorite person in the world.
    • To play in one of the kitchen cabinets that has all her sippy cups. She likes to take them out, stack them, and reorganize the shelves. She knows that’s her one cabinet that she has free reign over.
    • She has a little cupcake purse that she likes to put toys in and wear around the house. She even likes putting her water bottle in it. Too cute!
  • Hates:
    • Carseats. UGH. It has been much harder to run errands this month because every time we get into the car, she needs to pretend to “drive” the car and then when we finally try to put her in the carseat, she fights it. She absolutely loves to scream “OW” at the top of her lungs when we’re trying to do it, even though we are not hurting her, which in turn makes all people that pass us in the parking lot stare. It’s no fun.
    • Diaper changes. Another wrestling match for us around 95% of the time.
    • Socks. She always rips them off.
  • Talents:
    • Talking! She’s saying more words and we love being able to understand what she wants.
    • She finally says “Mama” now when she wants me. Makes me soooo happy! She’s been saying “Dada” for forever but CJ has now graduated to “Daddy”. Also the cutest thing in the world.
  • Sleeping:
    • Generally, she sleeps from 8pm to 5:30am. I really wish she would sleep in a bit more! She’s still taking two naps a day but once in a while if we’re running errands in the morning and get back a little later, she’ll take one nap that day.
Just a little bit excited :D

Just a little bit excited :D

  • Other Random Facts:
    • She’s still nursing. For the last month, it’s still been twice a day with the exception of the last two days, it’s only been before bed. I’m making much less milk.
    • She’s loving daycare now! We came back from vacation this week and I would have bet money that she would fight us dropping her off at daycare but she was perfectly happy when we brought her there. In fact, one morning I put her down and she walked up to the owner of the daycare and gave her a hug! It was the sweetest thing in the world. We are incredibly happy we made the choice to bring her to daycare.
    • She’s so social! When she sees other little kids, she always waves and says hi. She’s always trying to make new friends. :) We went to the park last weekend and she said hi to all the kids. She even watched what they were doing and tried to copy them (including trying to climb UP the slide when she saw an older little girl do it). She also loves babies, we saw one at the luau on our vacation and she walked right up to her and said “hiiiii”. TOO CUTE!
    • She doesn’t like her food to be mixed or to be touching each other. Generally, she prefers one type of food to be served at a time or for it to be put in one of those plates that has sections. Such a silly little girl.
    • When she takes a big sip of water, she makes an “ahhh” noise after swallowing. So adorable!
    • She is definitely a mini-me. For example, when she gets walking really fast, she swings only one arm. I still do that. She also likes to collect sticks in our front yard. I used to do that when I was camping when I was little (to help with the fire, of course!). She furrows her brows a lot when she’s confused, focused, when people are making funny faces at her, or generally when she feels like it. My sister said that I used to do that all the time when I was a baby. She ALWAYS is working on some sort of project. My mom said I was like that too – so determined and focused on completing whatever task I was doing.
    • Sometimes CJ and I will be talking about something funny in a conversation so, naturally, we’ll laugh. All of a sudden we hear Claire laughing and we realize, oh she’s totally paying attention and mimicking what we do! We love it.

I take a million videos of her a day because I can’t handle how adorable her voice is. I just want to pause time and have her be this age forever. She’s so fun, curious, and adventurous right now! We can’t wait to see what changes in another month!

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was a little too hot for our liking. Where is the fall weather?!?

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was a little too hot for our liking. Where is the fall weather?!?

16 Months Old!

Claire's reaction when she entered her first ever candy store. No joke! It quite possibly might have been the best moment of her life. She dances in place, lifted her arms, and laughed uncontrollably and it was the most adorable thing IN THE WORLD!

Claire’s reaction when she entered her first ever candy store. No joke! It quite possibly might have been the best moment of her life. She danced in place, lifted her arms, and laughed uncontrollably and it was the most adorable thing IN THE WORLD! For the record, she has never eaten candy before so we can only guess that the excitement was from all the colors in the store and the lollipops hanging from the ceiling.

I know, I know. We are way overdue for an update on Claire. She turned 16 months old on September 8th and you’ve heard nothing from us. I’ll take all the blame for that as I’ve been going through serious computer issues lately. You see, because Claire is so adorable and utterly delicious, I can’t help but take millions of photos of her. Apparently, I took too many photos and now my laptop is completely out of space and I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix the issue. I can barely run a program on my laptop because it’s beyond full. No need to provide any helpful hints though, I have a helpful, patient, and incredibly smart husband that’s been helping me through this tough time. :)

Anyway! Onward to an update on our little lady. Here’s the lowdown on 16-month-old Claire:

  • Weight: She’s definitely over 20 pounds now. Woo woo! Growing so much every day, it’s crazy!
  • Loves:
    • To talk!! More on that in the “Talents” section.
    • The “Let It Go” and “Love is an Open Door” songs from Frozen. I’ll ask her if she wants to hear her favorite song and she’ll say “gooo” for Let It Go. And then, once it’s on, she’ll proceed to dance around, twirl, raise up her arms, and pitter patter her feet quickly. She’s sooo cute!!
    • Her Papa (my dad). When we tell her that she’s going to see him, she laughs uncontrollably and does a little dance around the house. She loves him soooo much, it’s the sweetest relationship I’ve ever seen. Once he arrives, she runs around giggling from delight and then runs up to him and asks to be picked up.
    • She is obsessed with yogurt and every type of beans. She gets pumped when she’s about to eat either of them!
    • Her Daddy!! She has been such a Daddy’s girl lately and it’s so sweet.
    • To drink water!
    • The book “Madeline”. She loves to have Daddy read it to her before she goes to bed at night. Sometimes 4 or 5 times. Her favorite page is the book with the robber on it.
    • To dance!! I am so happy about this, since I’m a dancer, and love to see her get excited for some songs.
    • Her The North Face jacket from Nana. She still loves to wear it regardless of the temperature. We really need to find a larger size in that jacket because it’s almost too small.
    • To help clean, dust, sweep, or organize. She’s becoming more helpful and we can really tell she understands us when we ask her to do things. For instance, I’ll ask her to put her dirty clothes away and she’ll bring them to her room and put them in her laundry basket. Or I’ll ask her to put her shoes away and she’ll bring them to her closet. It’s so cool!!
    • To help put her shoes on.
    • The pool!!! So many giggles are heard when the pool is mentioned or when she gets to go in the pool.
    • To go in the garage, grab a bone for Zoe, and bring it into the house to give to her. We might need to hide the bones though because Zoe is looking a little more “robust” lately. Probably from the extra gifts from Claire. ;)

Candy Store September 6 Park September 5

  • Hates:
    • When I put my hair up in a bun. For some reason, she does not like it at all and yells at me.
    • Still hates diaper changes.
  • Talents:
    • She has become quite the talker over the last month. She’s getting really good at modeling what we’re saying or at least the sounds. Some of her favorite words: cookie, please, thank you (dank ooo, as she says it. Although sometimes she says it perfectly), up, down, go, doggy, all done, hi, bye bye, Papa, Daddy, mama, and bubbles.
    • Giving Eskimo kisses. I taught her that the other day and she loves to do it!
    • Blowing kisses. The cutest!!

September 6

  • Sleeping:
    • It’s hit or miss but lately she’s been waking up once in the middle of the night. We’re not sure if it’s always for the same reason – is it because she started at daycare recently? Maybe she’s hungry? Maybe she needs a diaper change? Each time, something different calms her down so we take each night on a case-by-case basis.
    • She’s been waking up, generally, around 5:30am each morning. I really miss the days when she would “sleep in” until 7am.

September 18

  • Other Random Facts:
    • She’s still nursing! Once in the morning and once before she goes to sleep. No signs of losing interest.
    • She started daycare on September 1. Up until then, we had a nanny at home with her. The first couple of weeks were rough because I had to go on a business trip the first few days and then she was teething too. But, I’m happy to report that this week has been going sooo well and she’s been coming home so happy! Her development has really spiked too over the past few weeks. I cried a lot when I knew we needed to start her at daycare because I wasn’t ready for her to grow up but I’m really happy that we started her now. It’s been such a blessing.
    • She’s been refusing drinking milk recently – my pumped milk or cow’s milk – from either a bottle or a sippy cup. That said, the last couple of days she’s done better with drinking some at daycare so maybe we’re in the clear!
    • She has sooo many teeth now. I think we’re at 16 now? It’s crazy!
    • She’s super opinionated, determined, and looks like such a little businesswoman. You can tell that she is always on a mission to get something done and she won’t stop until she accomplishes it.
    • She’s a really picky eater but when we serve meals, she’s eating whatever we’re eating.
Claire's Auntie Megan started a new tradition of sending a postcard when she visits a new place. Her first postcard arrived from Canada and Claire was so excited!!

Claire’s Auntie Megan started a new tradition of sending a postcard when she visits a new place. Her first postcard arrived from Canada and Claire was so excited!!

And that’s our little wild woman! She has sooo much energy all the time, has been giggling so much lately, and is such a joy to be around. That’s not to say she isn’t exhausting too. I feel like I’m always 50% on my way to passing out at any moment in time.

For the record, she has more than 1 shirt – she just happens to be wearing the same one in almost all these photos. :)

15 Months Old!


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since our last post! Claire definitely keeps us busy and so entertained so it’s hard not to collapse at the end of the day from pure exhaustion. Thankfully, we’re loving every minute of it, even the moments that test our patience. ;)

Here’s a rundown of our spunky little 15-month-old:

  • Weight: She was 19.4 pounds when she went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and we think she hit a growth spurt. So maybe 20 pounds now? We will have her 15 month check-up this week so we’ll find out then!
  • Loves:
    • To pretend talk on the phone. Pretty much my favorite new thing that she does! I’ll pretend to talk on the phone and hand it to her and she grabs it and walks off and pretends to have a conversation. If only we knew what she was saying!
    • To play with her tea set. It has a tea pot and two tea cups and she’ll pretend to pour some invisible tea into a cup and drink it. Toooo cute! She also likes playing pretend more in general – she’ll take a bowl and a spoon and pretend to eat from it even if it’s empty.
    • To give kisses and hugs.
    • To walk/run everywhere!! Sometimes she goes too fast for her little feet and falls but she handles falls really well. She just jumps back up and is on her way. When she gets going really fast, she swings her arms forward and backward really enthusiastically. It’s too cute!!
    • To be as independent as possible. She doesn’t like being in the stroller too long because she likes to walk around on her own.
    • To fake cry when she doesn’t get what she wants. I’ve caught her practicing her “cry” face in the mirror a few times. Such a little actress! Good thing she’s adorable. ;)
    • To walk and hold hands. Only for short periods of time because holding hands prevents her from fully exploring.
    • To store her toys or random items in our wine rack. We bought it right before she was born but now it’s completely empty. Not because we drank all the wine but because she’ll pull bottles out and put toys in there. Apparently, it’s her own storage system! It’s pretty hilarious to see when she stashes in there.
    • To dance to the Winnie the Pooh song and to the “Let It Go” song from Frozen.
    • YOGURT!!! She gets so pumped when we’re about to feed it to her.
    • Nana and Daddy’s homemade spaghetti sauces. They both made different ones but she inhaled both! We’ve never seen her eat something as quickly as she did those.
    • Straws. She loves to drink from them and play with them.
    • To walk on her tippy toes. It looks like she’s wearing invisible heels! It’s not like she’s walking on her toes and bouncing around like some people do, it literally looks like she’s pretending to wear heels. Maybe because she sees me wear heels sometimes when I go to work?
    • To play peek-a-boo. She was playing it with us today on our way to the gym. She covers her face and we’ll say “Where’s Claire?” and she’ll lower her hands and say “Peeka!”. I can’t handle how cute she is!!
    • To flip through books.
    • To play with hoses. She likes to pretend to water the plants or the grass (it’s not ever on when she’s playing with it) and sometimes even makes a “shhhh” noise when holding up the hose.
    • To wear her The North Face jacket that Nana got her. Even if it’s not cold at all, she’ll find it and bring it to me to put it on her.
    • To swim in the pool. We have a little floaty for her but she also loves to swim around with us holding her. She gets SO excited when we ask her if she wants to go in the pool.
    • To be outside and play in the dirt. She likes to grab handfuls of dirt and put it in Zoe’s dog bowl.

August 7 Daddy and me August 7 Mommy and me

  • Hates:
    • The Nose Frida. She hates it but unfortunately, it’s so effective that we have to use it when she has a stuffy nose.
    • When things are taken away from her or just generally when she doesn’t get what she wants. She’s started growling at us when she gets mad.
  • Talents:
    • She’s sort of saying some words now. When she’s done eating, or really tired, or done doing something she waves her hands and says “ahh duh” for “all done”. Tonight, when giving her a bath it totally sounded like she said “I lub ooo” when I said I love you to her. When she’s really excited about a toy or something that she’s doing, we swear she says “this is great!”. We may be imagining these but other people have confirmed that it sounds like words!
    • She gives high fives!
    • CJ taught her how to blow a kiss during dinnertime tonight, my heart melted!
    • When she wants milk, she points to my chest and says “mah, mah”
    • When she wants something, she’ll point to it and says “mamamama” really quickly.
    • She can point to her nose, eyes, ears, hair, and BELLY BUTTON (her favorite) if we ask her to.
  • Sleeping:
    • Other than when she was sick last month, she’s been sleeping pretty well. She goes to sleep around 8 and wakes up around 6 every day. Of course, there are exceptions but generally, that’s her schedule. She’s also doing the occasional 1 nap a day but sometimes she’s just too tired to wait long enough to only have one nap.
Wearing her The North Face jacket from Nana and playing with her cupcake purse

Wearing her The North Face jacket from Nana and playing with her cupcake purse

  • Other Random Facts:
    • She seriously is the happiest little girl! We may be exhausted at the end of every day but thankfully it’s because we’re chasing around a happy little toddler that’s giggling and enjoying exploring everywhere.
    • She had another cold in the last month. Poor girl had a constant runny nose for about a week and she didn’t sleep so well during that time because she was coughing so much. Luckily, it seems to have gone away.
    • She is constantly on a mission. She seems like a little businessperson. So serious and determined. I asked my mom what I was like when I was her age and she said exactly the same as Claire. Like mother, like daughter. :)
    • She pretty much eats everything we eat except half of it always ends up on the floor or in her high chair.
    • I’m still nursing although the frequency has gone down to about 2-3 times a day. I’m not producing as much milk so we’re trying to get her used to cow’s milk. We’re trying the method of mixing it in with breastmilk first, which we’ve been successful with the past week (although not before that). It has to be warmed up, she’s not OK with cold yet. If we try to feed her cow’s milk on it’s own, we have to call it “leche” (Spanish for milk) for her to actually swallow it. Otherwise, she takes a sip, makes a sour face like “This is NOT milk” and lets it slowly drip out of her mouth.
    • She’s still rocking a pretty adorable mullet. I think, if anyone can pull it off, it’s her. Some people have asked if we’re going to trim it in the back, to make it less of a mullet, and of course not! She doesn’t have much hair so why would we cut it off? Psh. :)
Claire and her adorable mullet in all of it's glory. To top it off, she had dirt smudged on her face from filling up Zoe's dog bowl with dirt. She's a happy girl. :)

Dirt smudged on her face, hair gently blowing in the wind, playing outside…She’s a happy girl. :)

And that’s how Claire has been lately. We love her so much and can’t believe how much of a little person she’s become! We can’t wait to see what she will be like in another month.

14 Months Old!

14 Months

Where has our little baby gone?!?! Every day passes by and we are seeing less of our baby girl and more of our little toddler. I guess I said that last month too but it’s becoming more true! This is such a fun age though it’s definitely bittersweet. We miss the days when she was tiny and snuggly but love her playfulness, her spunk, and her sense of humor.

Here’s a rundown of our 14 month old Claire:

  • Weight: Maybe around 20 pounds? I really wish we bought one of those baby scales! She seems a lot taller this month.
  • Loves:
    • Running around everywhere!! Sometimes she tries to go faster than her feet will allow.
    • Taking Zoe for walks around the house.
    • To give hugs. When she doesn’t want to be put down, she’ll hold tight onto our neck. She also will grab around our neck and hang there if she wants to be picked up.
    • To say “dada”. It’s her favorite word.
    • Her Papa (my dad). Without fail, her face lights up every time he enters the room.
    • To flip the pages of a book that we’re reading to her.
    • To clean. Whenever she sees me with the broom, she takes it and starts “sweeping” all over the house. I can’t handle the cuteness! Also, if she sees stuff on the floor, she will try to put it away. The other day, some of our mail blew onto the floor and she grabbed all of it and placed it on one of the kitchen chairs. Another example of cleaning, she had so much fun feeding Zoe and Izzy (my parent’s dog and Zoe’s littermate) in the cabin. She would fill up a bowl of food and carry it over to them for them to eat and then repeat. A couple times, she knocked the bowl over and she stopped to pick up every kernel and put it back in the bowl. It was amazing!
    • To pet the dogs.
    • To feed herself with a spoon. It’s a bit messy but she gets so proud of herself!
    • Her Camelbak water bottle. I have one that she loves to take and drink from all the time so we bought one for her. Well, first we tried to buy a sippy cup that looked like a Camelbak but that wasn’t good enough for her. She wanted the real deal. :)
    • To sleep with her blue teddy bear (pictured in the first photo of this post) and her Winnie the Pooh bear. When she wakes up, she stands at the side of the crib holding her blue bear. It’s sooo sweet.
    • To wave.
    • To give kisses.
    • To dance to “Hot Dog” (a Mickey Mouse Playhouse song) and the “Winnie the Pooh” song. She also enjoys dancing to certain country songs!
    • Remote controls! We got her a toy one but, again, she prefers the real deal.
    • To share. Her toys, her food, pretty much anything.
  • Hates:
    • Diaper changes, with a passion.
    • When things are taken away from her; she’s mastered the meltdown.
  • Talents:
    • She shakes her head “no” when she doesn’t want something. It’s SO great to get feedback from her on what she wants.
    • She is very talented at fake crying when she’s trying to get her way. Maybe she’ll be an actress!? When we call her out on it, most of the time she stops and moves on with her day. Good thing she’s extremely adorable when she does it.
    • She understands us when we ask her to do something – for instance, asking her to put something away or get her teddy bear or give Zoe a hug.
    • A few times, we think we’ve heard her say words and phrases like, “I want that”, “No”, and “Yes”. We’re always so surprised when she does it!
  • Sleeping:
    • 4 of the last 7 days have had only one nap. She kind of goes back and forth to needing one long nap and two not-as-long naps (but definitely not short). We’ll see how that pans out over the next few weeks.
    • As far as sleeping through the night, she’s doing better. There are some outliers where she doesn’t sleep well but that’s become the exception, thankfully!

4th of July

  • Other Random Facts:
    • She has a little bit of a mullet going on. Not intentionally… her hair just seems to be very keen on growing in the back but not so into filling in on the top or sides.
    • I’m still breastfeeding. When I’m about to nurse her and she’s really excited for it, she does this sort of laugh/cry. It’s so cute, I wish I could videotape it. My initial goal was to breastfeed until she was 12 months old but she still really seems to enjoy it and I love the bonding time so we’re playing it by ear. I don’t have a plan on when I will stop at this point.
    • She got her molars in over the last month or so. It’s so weird to see them in the back of her mouth because they’re so huge! She now has 12 teeth!
    • When she’s done eating, she likes to throw all remaining food on the ground (presumably, for Zoe to eat, since she always lays under her high chair).

She is sooo much fun and is fully of energy! We’re dead tired at the end of every day and have no idea how she has so much energy for such a little person. Then again, she does get to nap in the middle of the day. ;)

4th of July

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! We celebrated at our family cabin and had so much fun.

4th of July 2015

It’s hard planning activities around Claire’s nap schedule but we were able to go to the 4th of July parade in the morning and then we went to the neighborhood lake after her nap. We originally planned on going to a 4th of July celebration at a winery that we love (CJ and I celebrated there two years ago and absolutely loved it!) but it started at 4:30pm and we figured we wouldn’t be able to stay there long before we had to head home to put Claire to bed. We’re hoping next year will be better.

Claire watching the parade.

Claire watching the parade.

Sand Fun

It was Claire’s first time encountering sand which was fun! She did not like sitting, walking or really touching it but she loved raking the sand and scooping it into the bucket with the beach toys. She was sooo happy the whole time with those toys. She also loved when we dipped her toes in the water but did not want to walk around in it because, like I said, she doesn’t like touching sand. She likes to stay as neat as possible… unless beans are involved. Then she’s as messy as can be. :)

What We Didn’t Know We Needed

I’m a big fan of lists… really, for anything in life. But especially for holidays, birthdays, and general gift ideas. I also don’t enjoy when people deviate from the list because I put a lot of thought into it and those are things I truly want. With that being said, some people have surprised us with the best gifts that I never would have known I needed/wanted but they turn out to be my favorites.

Some highlights over the last few years: a family friend painted the most breathtaking portrait of CJ and I as a wedding gift, that same friend’s husband sewed the most beautiful quilt for Claire for her 1st birthday and my sister sewed a beautiful quilt for her baby shower gift that we use every single day, my sister made a shadow box of keepsakes from my wedding as a gift, my uncle gave CJ and I my grandparents’ silverware set as a wedding gift (I cried), and I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting to list. As you can see, I’m sentimental and these are all near and dear to my heart.

This next gift is much less sentimental but SO practical that I felt we needed to do a post on it. As a baby shower gift, CJ’s brother and wife sent us a booster seat as a gift and told us it was the most useful thing they have. We remember thinking to ourselves, what are we going to do with this thing??!? (Rookies)

Anyway, fast forward months later when we were trying to lug our high chair back and forth to my parents’ house for dinners and when Claire kept trying to climb out of every single restaurant high chair, we knew we needed to try something different.


We decided to finally try the booster seat and all I can say is… What a lifesaver!!! Claire can’t climb out (and only attempts to when she’s done eating), we have a clean surface for her to eat on (versus at a restaurant where she will pick up and flip over plates if we put on in front of her), and it’s lightweight and convenient to travel with. We are so grateful they deviated from our baby registry to give us something they knew we needed, even if we had no idea!


Look at her blue eyes! So gorgeous

What have you discovered you can’t live without?

First Birthday Photos

To say I’m obsessed with these photos would be an understatement. A million thank yous to our photographer, Shawnee, for capturing these moments.

Part of me wants to plaster them over every wall in our house, or make a book out of them, or… I don’t even know, the possibilities are endless!!

Below are some of my favorites. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them.

We are so in love with our beautiful little girl and these photos definitely show that!

First Swim

Last weekend, we took Claire over to my parent’s house for her first time swimming in a pool. It was the perfect summer day. We played music on the stereo, BBQed steak and corn on the cob, and floated around in the pool while catching up on some laundry. If we could make this an every weekend occurrence, we would be happy campers.


Anyway, Claire loved the pool! We bought a floating tube for her that had a sun shade so she wouldn’t get burnt. Right when we put her in it, she started kicking around and it was so fun to see her enjoying the pool. We weren’t sure because we have about a 50% success rate with baths lately. She either completely hates them or is slightly OK with them. But the pool? No problem. We probably swam for a half hour or 45 minutes and she was perfectly content the whole time.



Yay summer!