Happy 2nd Birthday!


And just like that, Claire is TWO!!! We had the best time celebrating her birthday with family and friends. We had a little party on Saturday and then went to a delicious brunch on Sunday. Her birthday fell on Mother’s Day this year which I loved.



Claire is so fun to be with these days! She’s definitely a mini-me, that’s for sure. What else can I say about 2-year-old Claire? Well…

  • She’s quite particular and opinionated about what she wants.
  • She’s very methodical. She loves to organize her toys in neat lines and count them.
  • Loves anything and everything that involves being outside – playing in her new playhouse, the playground, walks, and riding her bike.
Her amazing playhouse

Her amazing playhouse

  • She’s an amazing helper – folding laundry, cleaning, carrying stuff to the car, cooking, etc.
  • She’s a picky eater and we never know what or how much she’ll eat (unless it’s Nana’s cooking, which she always seems to inhale!).
  • She LOVES to read!
  • She loves to play with her life-sized baby doll. She’s very much interested in little babies. She met her baby cousin recently and was so interested in everything about her. It was the sweetest!!
  • Her favorite thing right now is to ask, “Why?” about EVERYTHING. We love it and think it’s the cutest phase. She also likes to point out random people and say, “Who dat?”
  • The first thing she does every morning is ask for Daddy. She really doesn’t like it when he’s not home when she wakes up!
  • She is talking SO much. She says little sentences and we are constantly amazed at what she knows. I love knowing more about what’s going through her cute little mind. We are constantly giggling at her comments.
  • She still loves dogs, cats, trucks, buses, and airplanes.
  • She loves backpacks! CJ wears one to work which I think is what sparked her interest.
  • She occasionally pretends to go to work, answer emails, cook, and talk on the phone. She’s a huge fan of playing pretend.
  • She loves to go to the grocery store with CJ.
  • She has amazing memory. We’ll tell her something and she’ll bring it up a while later, even if it’s a small detail.
  • She is still a cuddler which we’re so happy about. She likes to say, “I hold you?” to either CJ or me when she wants us to hold her. Our hearts almost can’t take it each time, she is so sweet.
  • We’re told that she’s very social which we’re happy about! I say “we’re told” because, if we’re in the room, she only wants Mommy or Daddy… unless Papa is around and then she just wants him. 🙂



We can’t get enough of her! If I could follow her around all day videotaping everything she does, I would because I never want to forget any moment with her. Her little voice, the way she plays, her little comments, everything is the best!!

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention one other fun fact about Claire – We (CJ and I) get in trouble if we leave a mess around the house. If CJ leaves his shoes in the kitchen, or I leave my purse on the floor, she’ll say something like, “Uh oh, Mommy, your purse. Here I get it.” and she’ll carry it back to my room. It’s hilarious!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday!

  1. Claire is absolutely beautiful, entertaining, loving, inquisitive and funny! Thank you for including me in her birthday celebration. It was so much fun, and Claire was definitely the star of the event!

  2. She is an amazing little girl (and I’m not just saying that because I’m her grandma)! I am in awe of how smart she is at her age, and the thoughts that are expressed now that she’s talking more, and just her actions in general! Love you, Claire!!!

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