A Letter to Our 2 Year Old


Dear Claire:

Two years ago, our lives completely changed. I’ll be honest, for those first couple of weeks I wondered what we got ourselves into. It was nothing but everything that I expected. It started with your birth, which I went into with what I thought was an open mind. My requirements: (1) a healthy baby girl and (2) an epidural because I was well aware of my pain tolerance. That’s at least what I communicated about but subconsiously I wanted so much more. I didn’t want a c-section. I didn’t want to be in labor for a long time. I didn’t want to have my hormones hop on a rollercoaster. But, it all happened. It took me a while to talk about it as non-chalantly as I do now but, man, in the moment I was a mess. I wanted what I thought was happening in all the post-birth photos of a mother and her child. The “mommy high” where you can barely sleep because you are so overjoyed. I ended up crying more than I ever expected. I was so completely overwhelmed with the amount of emotions swirling through my body. I felt homesick for the times when Daddy and I could spontaneously have a date night. I was unconvinced that there was light at the end of the tunnel. But I am so incredibly happy to say that I was wrong. You are our light, our joy, and so much more.

Two years later, I am so happy to say that you make everything more magical. Seeing the world through your eyes is the most wonderful thing, words can’t express it. It didn’t take us two years to get here but with every stage brought new fun, new adventures, and new things to discover about each other. We’ve only known you for two years but, at the same time, I feel like I’ve always known you. I think back to memories before you were born and strangely, have you inserted into them, as if you were always there with us. We love you more than words can explain and with the amount of love that you given us, I can understand why your birth and first weeks were so dramatic, you wanted us to know that everything we’ve ever known was about to change but in the most beautiful way.

We love you.


Mommy and Daddy

Easter Celebrations

2016Easter_4Happy belated Easter everyone!! We had a wonderful weekend up in the mountains at our family cabin and absolutely loved the downtime.

Stopped to take a quick photo in Murphys

Stopped to take a quick photo in Murphys

On Saturday, we wandered around downtown Murphys (one of our favorite towns) and visited the local shops on the main street. We had to stop ourselves from buying a ton of cute items. I’m very intrigued by adult coloring books and almostttt bought one several times. We also saw a cute book to document Claire’s school years which had spots to write in her teachers, friends, favorite classes, and pouches to put in artwork, report cards, etc. We have a few more years before Claire starts school so there’s no rush in getting that now but I’m definitely going to keep it on my radar! In the last store, she found a cute kids owl backpack and proceeded to grab it and try to fill it with coloring supplies. It was SO adorable!! My heart couldn’t handle seeing her try on that backpack. I’m thinking she might need one to tote around her toys.

Walking back to the cabin from the park

Walking back to the cabin from the park

Claire absolutely loves the swings and she thought it was hilarious that I was jumping under her to take this photo. Definitely a risk that paid off!

Claire absolutely loves the swings and she thought it was hilarious that I was jumping under her to take this photo. Definitely a risk that paid off!

After that, CJ dropped Claire and I off at the swings by our cabin while he grabbed a few things at the grocery store. Claire and I walked back to the cabin together after playing on the swings for a while. I had one of those moments when walking back, where I thought to myself, I hope I never ever forget this. It breaks my heart that I can’t remember every moment with her but especially ones like these. The weather was beautiful, Claire was holding my hand and pointing out things she saw and just chit chatted with me. I thought, how did I get so lucky? I do miss the squishy-ness of baby Claire but MAN do I love this age right now. I love that when we’re heading somewhere, she say things like “Daddy, I’m comingggg!” and “Papa, where areeeee youuuu?”, I love that she asked me where Daddy was, that she noticed the huge trees and was in awe of them, that she still loves to hold my hand, that she heard Zoe barking from far away and pointed it out, and is always delighted at the smallest things. She makes me appreciate the small things and, for that, I’m so grateful.

That night, we dyed Easter eggs with my mom – it was Claire’s first time! She absolutely loved coloring on them with crayons beforehand and dipping them in the cups. She got more and more bold and by the end was plopping the eggs in the cup without using the little metal hook. We had to remind her to be more gentle with the eggs. 🙂

Pure joy on Easter morning. She was SO excited to see what the Easter bunny brought her.

Pure joy on Easter morning. She was SO excited to see what the Easter bunny brought her.

Lately, CJ and I have been finding ourselves glancing at each other with the biggest smiles on our faces at how adorable our little girl is. A few moments that made us do that:

  • Lately, she’ll ask us a question, we’ll answer and she’ll respond with a matter-of-fact “Oh.”
  • Or, last night, we were putting her to bed and she kept trying to open her bedroom door, would say “Be back,” and then would leave to grab something.
  • We’re really talented at making ourselves more sleepy than Claire during her bedtime routine and you’ll hear Claire say, quite often, “Daddy, wake up!” because she can tell we’re losing him.
  • For the longest time, we’d ask her a question and, if she wanted to answer yes, she’d say “Mmm Hmmm”. But, now, she will say with an enthusiastic tone “Yeahhhhh” or “Yep”. Writing this down doesn’t truly emphasize how cute it sounds but you have to take my word for it. Her little voice is to die for.
Group photo before heading over to brunch at Ironstone Vineyards

Group photo before heading over to brunch at Ironstone Vineyards

She was soo happy to be with the bunny

She was soo happy to be with the bunny

Okay, I digress, back to Easter weekend. On Easter Sunday, we had brunch at Ironstone with my parents. Claire was too excited for the Easter egg hunt and for the Easter bunny to be interested in eating. She is soooo in love with the Easter bunny. The hunt was starting a couple minutes after we got down to the field so we told her she had to wait to see the bunny but that didn’t work out so well. When they announced that the Easter egg hunt could start, Claire had a meltdown and stood in one place crying the whole time. We helped grab a few eggs for her and headed over to the Easter bunny which cheered her up. Easter Sunday was a lesson in, no matter how much you plan for a perfect day, life happens. Toddlers happen. And that’s OK. The day was perfect because we were all together (but we did miss CJ’s mom and sister! We love you!) and that’s all you really need.


Hawaii Vacation

Buckle your seat belts, this is a long post!

We had our first official family vacation to Maui at the end of September / beginning of October! We went on vacation with my parents which was so fun! It was CJ and my first vacation since our honeymoon three years ago so it was definitely overdue.

We arrived!

We arrived!

On traveling with a toddler: This is Claire’s 5th trip on a plane but it was a whole different ballgame. We had a bag of entertainment for her to keep her occupied on the flight but I wouldn’t say it was super successful. She’s an explorer so nothing can distract her enough to make her forget about the fact that she can’t wander around. We had coloring books, markers (that were clear unless they touched the special coloring book paper… awesome for a plane so they didn’t mark you up or the tray tables!), cups for her to stack, a Frozen coin purse, a fun rattle, toy cell phone, and a few other things. The most interesting items for Claire were the markers and the coloring book but that still only lasted for a minute or two at a time.

Anyway, it took way longer for her to fall asleep on the plane than we thought. Thankfully, Nana (my mom) came to save us on the flight home and Claire napped with her the last hour or so. She was a lifesaver!!

The good news is her ears weren’t bothered at all by the takeoff and landing and she loved looking out the window! For both flights, we sat next to people who loved babies and toddlers so we were really lucky.

Going forward, we’re reserving a seat for her on flights because she’s at the age where she needs her own space.


Family photo on Front Street!

Family photo on Front Street!

Nana, Papa and Claire in Banyan Tree Park

Nana, Papa and Claire in Banyan Tree Park

As far as the vacation itself, it was so fun! We weren’t sure how Claire would like the ocean but she was in heaven. She woke up every morning around 5:30am and was ready to head down to the beach. So much so, that she would bang on the front door to our condo to tell us she wanted to leave.  She giggled every time we brought her in the water and when we started to walk away she would shout, “MORE!”. That was definitely the one of the top 4 highlights of the trip.

Paparazzi shot of CJ and Claire on the beach!

Paparazzi shot of CJ and Claire on the beach!

Sept 30

Mommy and Claire on Ka'anapali Beach

Mommy and Claire on Ka’anapali Beach

Another item on the top 4 – Ululani’s Shaved Ice. SO GOOD!! We got the Sunset flavor (it’s a combination of 3 different flavors) with macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom. We fell in love with the macadamia nut ice cream so much that we hunted it down at one of the local grocery stores so we could have more in our condo. We highly recommend going there and especially the one on Front Street in Old Town Lahaina.

Because we went on vacation with my parents, we were also lucky enough to sneak in a date night! We went down to Old Town Lahaina, one of our favorite places from the trip, and had dinner at a restaurant on the water and then met up with friends for drinks. They happened to be on vacation in Maui the same time as us, what are the odds!?

Luau at the Hyatt!

Luau at the Hyatt!

Last but not least, we all went to a luau with my parents on our last night. To get Claire excited for Hawaii, we showed her the movie Lilo and Stitch so she was already familiar with hula dancing. When she saw the performers come up on stage, we could tell she was dying to go up there with them. She kept trying to run up to the stage but we told her that she had to wait.

Daddy and Claire dancing at the luau

Daddy and Claire dancing at the luau

When the hula dancing lesson started, I asked her if she wanted to go up there and she laughed uncontrollably (which is her way of saying yes). She was incredibly excited! Claire must be a natural performer because she absolutely loved being up on stage. She bounced up and down, twirled, tried to copy the other people, and clapped when everyone else clapped. I’m a little biased but I’m pretty sure she was the star of the show. I don’t think it’s an understatement when I say it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I’m an emotional person (especially since becoming a mama) and almost cried from happiness after that. I danced for 12 years so seeing Claire up on stage and so happy dancing was too much for my former-dancer-mommy heart to handle.

Nana and Claire!

Nana and Claire playing in the ocean!

Papa and Claire

Papa and Claire enjoying the view of the ocean!

Other fun memories:

On the plantation tour!

On the plantation tour!

  • A cool tour at a plantation where we learned about how pineapple plants grow (so interesting!) and about the many uses of coconuts
Dancing on the dinner cruise

Dancing on the dinner cruise

  • A dinner cruise with beautiful views of the island. The cruise was DEFINITELY not meant for toddlers because all the tables were on the roof of the boat with only enough room to walk in between the rows of tables. Basically a nightmare for people with curious toddlers. We tried to leave when we got on but they ended up setting up a table on the first floor, where no one else was seated, and it ended up being a private dinner because of that! CJ and I danced with Claire on the boat to the live music playing above and it was much less stressful. The cruise people were so accommodating.
  • Lunch at Cool Cats on Front Street
  • Claire saying “Hi!” to a parrot on Front Street. A man had a ton of birds that you could take pictures with but, instead of paying $25 for the picture, Claire just said hi.
  • Visiting the Banyan tree park
  • Driving up to Iao Valley for a hike only to discover it was dumping rain and turning around because we weren’t prepared for that type of weather. It was still fun to see even though it was overcast and rainy!
  • Eating delicious BBQed food from Mama’s Ribs & Rotisserie. We ordered it to-go twice and ate it in our condo. Claire LOVED the chicken and beans.
  • Went on a drive up to Pineapple Hill which had a beautiful view. We spent a lot of Claire’s naps driving around.
  • Wandered around Whaler’s Village and playing in the ocean on Ka’anapali Beach

Oct 1

Other than that, the only lowlight was that we got rear ended on our second day there. It wasn’t the best way to start a trip but everyone was fine so that’s all that we could really hope for. I’m glad it was at the beginning of the trip because we were able to make up for it and end on a high note.

We can’t wait for our next trip! Rest assured, it will definitely include three seats on the plane reservation. I think that was our biggest lesson learned. 😉

4th of July

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! We celebrated at our family cabin and had so much fun.

4th of July 2015

It’s hard planning activities around Claire’s nap schedule but we were able to go to the 4th of July parade in the morning and then we went to the neighborhood lake after her nap. We originally planned on going to a 4th of July celebration at a winery that we love (CJ and I celebrated there two years ago and absolutely loved it!) but it started at 4:30pm and we figured we wouldn’t be able to stay there long before we had to head home to put Claire to bed. We’re hoping next year will be better.

Claire watching the parade.

Claire watching the parade.

Sand Fun

It was Claire’s first time encountering sand which was fun! She did not like sitting, walking or really touching it but she loved raking the sand and scooping it into the bucket with the beach toys. She was sooo happy the whole time with those toys. She also loved when we dipped her toes in the water but did not want to walk around in it because, like I said, she doesn’t like touching sand. She likes to stay as neat as possible… unless beans are involved. Then she’s as messy as can be. 🙂

What We Didn’t Know We Needed

I’m a big fan of lists… really, for anything in life. But especially for holidays, birthdays, and general gift ideas. I also don’t enjoy when people deviate from the list because I put a lot of thought into it and those are things I truly want. With that being said, some people have surprised us with the best gifts that I never would have known I needed/wanted but they turn out to be my favorites.

Some highlights over the last few years: a family friend painted the most breathtaking portrait of CJ and I as a wedding gift, that same friend’s husband sewed the most beautiful quilt for Claire for her 1st birthday and my sister sewed a beautiful quilt for her baby shower gift that we use every single day, my sister made a shadow box of keepsakes from my wedding as a gift, my uncle gave CJ and I my grandparents’ silverware set as a wedding gift (I cried), and I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting to list. As you can see, I’m sentimental and these are all near and dear to my heart.

This next gift is much less sentimental but SO practical that I felt we needed to do a post on it. As a baby shower gift, CJ’s brother and wife sent us a booster seat as a gift and told us it was the most useful thing they have. We remember thinking to ourselves, what are we going to do with this thing??!? (Rookies)

Anyway, fast forward months later when we were trying to lug our high chair back and forth to my parents’ house for dinners and when Claire kept trying to climb out of every single restaurant high chair, we knew we needed to try something different.


We decided to finally try the booster seat and all I can say is… What a lifesaver!!! Claire can’t climb out (and only attempts to when she’s done eating), we have a clean surface for her to eat on (versus at a restaurant where she will pick up and flip over plates if we put on in front of her), and it’s lightweight and convenient to travel with. We are so grateful they deviated from our baby registry to give us something they knew we needed, even if we had no idea!


Look at her blue eyes! So gorgeous

What have you discovered you can’t live without?


June 13 Oregon

Last weekend, we flew up to Oregon to celebrate my nephew’s graduation from high school.

This was the fourth plane trip for Claire (Vermont at 8 weeks old, New York at 6 months old, Orange County at almost 8 months old, and now Oregon at 13 months). She’s flown more than some people I know but it’s interesting how every trip has been so different because of her age. The first two trips she slept the whole time. This last trip, she didn’t sleep at all. She climbed back and forth on CJ and I. She read through the safety pamphlet (very responsible of her!). She tried to escape to the aisle to run around. And she watched some Winnie the Pooh on the iPad. On one of our flights, a mom, her 2 year old son, and her newborn baby walked past us (I should clarify the newborn baby did not walk past us, he was wrapped up in a Moby Wrap on his mommy :)) and CJ and I looked at each other thinking “How is that woman flying on her own with two little ones?!?!”. Anyway, she deserved a medal (like my sister does for doing the same thing back in the day!). It reminded me how much easier it was to fly when Claire was a newborn because she slept the whole time. The only difficulty was in lugging around (what felt like) 52 bags.

On one of our morning walks by the water

On one of our morning walks by the water

Anyway, back to the Oregon trip, we honestly didn’t want to leave. We considered extending our trip because we had so much fun but, alas, life was calling and we had to get back to it. We stayed at a hotel in Portland along the river and spent each morning walking along the water and enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful weather. We stopped at a coffee shop along the path that, one morning, gave us a free latte (which was amazing!). We saw a group of people gathering to ride kayaks down the river. Claire must have thought she was in heaven with the amount of dogs she saw on our walk. I got choked up at one point because the feeling of being back in Portland was so overwhelming for me (I grew up outside of Portland, for those of you who don’t know). We had random conversations with people in stores and it reminded us how friendly people are outside of California. Then, we went to my sister’s house which was filled with an auntie, uncle, and four cousins to Claire who played with her and showered her with so much love. It was such a wonderful display of the importance of family.


My sister and I were clearly having a moment when this photo was taken. Unfortunately, Claire had already gone to sleep for the night when we took this photo.

If there’s one thing I could change, it’s that I wish we lived closer. I wish we could hop in the car and see each other in 10 minutes. Luckily, it’s a short plane ride away and we’re not across the country. But even that plane ride seems like too much.

Until next time, Oregon. You will always feel like home to me.


Last Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know we did. It was a perfect weekend of relaxation with nothing specific on our agendas but spending time together. We were able to go to the gym, walk around downtown Walnut Creek (which we have deeply missed doing since moving away from there), run errands, clean the house, spend time in the park, and just be together.

It was one of my favorite kinds of weekends – where we’re not running from one thing to the next. Where we’re not rushing to get out of the house in a certain amount of time. And where we could just enjoy the day and the weekend as a family.

Things will probably slowly get busier as we approach Claire’s first birthday in May so I will savor every moment we get together to just relax.

March 1

March 1 Civic


Traveling with a 6 Month Old

Get ready for a long post!

I won’t advertise myself as a travel expert but I am happy to share our experiences from our last trip flying to the East Coast. Claire is basically a seasoned flyer now seeing as how we flew to Vermont when she was 8 weeks old and now New York when she’s almost 6 months old. With that being said, she gets completely thrown off with the time change and not sleeping in her own crib for a week. It didn’t help that Daylight Savings Time ended on the Sunday after we returned as well. For the past week, we’ve had to start from scratch with getting her used to sleeping in her crib again which is another reminder why we need to limit the amount of time traveling until she’s a little older.

The items that we used the first time around were mostly still helpful with a few exceptions. There are also a few new items we used that made the trip so much easier. Here’s a link to my first post on traveling with a baby.

As for what’s changed this time around and some helpful tips:

  1. Our first time around, we kept Claire in the Moby Wrap through security, at the gate, and on the plane. Since that wasn’t the case this time (she’s not a big fan of it anymore), we realized on the way there that it would have been way more helpful to have the stroller with us at the gate. So, we kept it with us heading home and did not regret that decision. Yes, it’s less convenient going through security because we had to take her out and everything else that was in the stroller. But, we are those crazy people that like to get to the airport several hours in advance so it was nice having a place to lay her down for a nap and to rest our arms. I don’t know about you but we haven’t quite built up the tolerance to hold her jumping up and down for hours on end. For her trip when she was 8 weeks old, we actually left the stroller at home. For this trip, it was definitely an essential.
  2. I read a blog post from one momma about how she brought her My Brest Friend with her on the plane and what an amazing idea!! I don’t use my nursing pillow at home anymore but with having to hold Claire in my arms for several hours on the plane (especially the red eye there), it was a lifesaver.  I actually brought a smaller nursing pillow that I got for free and could fit into my carry on but you could bring whatever pillow you have – My Brest Friend, Boppy, etc. etc. Thank you Sunny Day Sundays for the helpful tip!
  3. Claire's new favorite teether - soft bristles that massage her gums and brush her little teeth

    Claire’s new favorite teether – soft bristles that massage her gums and brush her little teeth

    Toys toys toys. We brought a crinkle book for Claire to peruse, Sophie la girafe, and her new favorite teether. It kept her entertained on our flight home which was in the middle of the day so we are so glad we brought them. We didn’t need any of these when she was 8 weeks old because she slept the entire time and wasn’t interacting with toys at that age anyway but they were an essential this time around.

  4. Since we were carrying a lot more items than last time, I needed a humongous carry on bag to stuff everything in. I bought this amazing bag from Target that I’ve fallen in love with.
  5. Another helpful tip from Sunny Day Sundays – a diaper changing station. The first time I used it on the plane, I swear I heard angels singing Hallelujah! On our flights to Vermont, I had the full diaper bag and bonked everyone sitting in the aisle seats on my way down to the bathroom on the plane to change her diaper. This time, I had a changing station and it was life changing (ha! pun intended).
  6. One last helpful tip from Sunny Day Sundays (by now, I hope you’ve gotten the message to just read her blog post) – Baby Banz headphones. Not only are they hilariously adorable on Claire, they helped block out some of the loud plane noise which was so helpful. Without them on, Claire was rudely awoken by every announcement the flight attendants and pilot made. With them on, she slept soundly through each announcement.
  7. Here's the crib provided in the first hotel in NYC

    Here’s the crib provided in the first hotel in NYC complete with a baby model

    I didn’t know this until a month or so ago but some hotels provide cribs! That made our trip so much easier because we didn’t have to check yet another item on the plane. I called our hotel ahead of time and made sure they had a crib there for Claire to sleep in. With that being said, we stayed at two hotels when we were in New York – the first had a nice Graco travel crib and the second had an old travel crib that was definitely used a ton. We weren’t too comfortable putting Claire in the second one. So keep that in mind when you’re thinking about using the hotel’s crib – maybe ask them about the condition of it beforehand. If you’d rather travel with your own travel crib, we have an AMAZING one that we used when we went to Carmel for our anniversary. It’s the Guava Lotus crib and Claire falls asleep in it right away. It should work for her until she’s around 3 years old too, which means it will last a while.

  8. I would recommend researching the car seat laws wherever you’re traveling. New York law does not require babies to be in car seats while in taxis so, if you choose to get a taxi from the airport to wherever you’re staying, you shouldn’t have to travel with your car seat (if you’re not planning on renting a car). For us, we weren’t comfortable having her ride around in a car sans car seat so I researched car services that provide infant car seats and found a great one to use for our trip. It was such a relief to have her in a car seat!
  9. Our cooler for the breastmilk all labeled and ready to go!

    Our cooler for the breastmilk all labeled and ready to go!

    Last but definitely not least, flying with frozen breastmilk. Because this was a business trip, I needed to bring frozen breastmilk for Claire for when I was gone for work events. We did a TON of research and finally figured out how to do it successfully. We chose to use dry ice to ensure that the breastmilk stayed frozen the entire time. For United Airlines, they allow up to 5.5 lbs of dry ice in a ventilated cooler that needed to be labeled indicating that there’s dry ice, the weight of the dry ice, and what perishable items are in the cooler. As far as packing it, we bought a cooler from Target and lined the bottom with newspaper, then put the dry ice in, then more newspaper on top, then we added the breastmilk and a frozen ice pack for extra precaution. Then we topped that off with a bit more newspaper and we were good to go. We labeled the container and brought duct tape with us so, after they inspected the container, it could be properly shut. I would recommend calling your airline before flying to find out what their regulations are.

What tips do you have for traveling with little ones? I feel like every age has a different set of essentials!

Halloween in NYC

Claire’s first Halloween will most likely be different than any other Halloween she’ll experience. First of all, it was spent in NYC (I had a business trip so we were already there). Second of all, we didn’t do any trick-or-treating. I don’t think Claire was too bummed about that though, seeing as how she’s not quite interested in candy yet other than the fact that the wrappers crinkle. 🙂 We took the day off from work to explore the city since it was our last day there. We walked all around Fifth Avenue, took Claire into FAO Schwartz (a must!) and got her an adorable teddy bear to remember the trip by, walked through Central Park and went to the Central Park Zoo. She loved every minute of it.

We wanted to have a little photoshoot in Central Park but it was simply too cold for that. I was bummed but am glad we had the opportunity to snap a few photos in the hotel room and at Bryant Park to document her first Halloween. We had an early night in after that to avoid the crazy people that were all over Times Square.

I might be slightly biased but I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest pumpkin in history. We got the costume on Etsy and I still can’t get over how adorable she is in it. When we first received it in the mail, I quickly put it on her and promptly squealed for a good 20 minutes because I couldn’t handle the cuteness. She definitely enjoyed my reaction and maybe was aware of how she looked in it because she had the biggest smile on her face that whole time. I’m already coming up with ideas for her next Halloween costume! What did you do for Halloween?

Pre-Holiday Rush

Well we’ve been slacking in the blogging world lately. Our heads are practically spinning with how busy we’ve been over the past few months. Every day and weekend seems to be filled with something – visiting family, charity events (shout out to the National Kidney Foundation Luncheon which we’re attending today!), errands, pumpkin patch, weekends to the cabin, and other trips out of town. We are loving every minute but hope desperately to have one weekend where we do absolutely nothing. We know we have plans every weekend for almost the next two months but I’m hoping I am miscalculating and there’s a free weekend hiding in there. 🙂

Visiting family

Deciding where she should scoot next while playing with her cousin

Claire is so active these days and SO adorable. She is an avid scooter and can get across the room in maybe 30 seconds. If she sees something she wants, she gets there quite quickly. Whether that’s the dog, us, our laptops, her toys… you name it, she’s a determined little one.

She’s also been teething lately and we’re wondering when the next one will pop out. She has two right now but we’re pretty sure that will change soon.

There are some minor updates we’ve made to the house in the past few months that I really want to post an update on. With working full-time and having such busy weekends, I feel like we barely have enough time to relax and the time we do have, we savor it instead of cramming something in (which I’m so grateful for).

We’re getting SO excited for the holiday season to begin especially because these will be Claire’s first holidays. Claire is going to be a pumpkin for her first Halloween and we have the cutest costume EVER for her to wear! I think it must be a requirement for babies to be pumpkins for their first Halloween because most people I’ve talked to have said that’s what they were.

I’m especially excited for Thanksgiving because it’s my favorite holiday of them all. A day to relax and spend with family while eating all of my favorite foods = the best day of the year.

Claire's first trip to the pumpkin patch

Claire’s first trip to the pumpkin patch

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?