Halloween in NYC

Claire’s first Halloween will most likely be different than any other Halloween she’ll experience. First of all, it was spent in NYC (I had a business trip so we were already there). Second of all, we didn’t do any trick-or-treating. I don’t think Claire was too bummed about that though, seeing as how she’s not quite interested in candy yet other than the fact that the wrappers crinkle. 🙂 We took the day off from work to explore the city since it was our last day there. We walked all around Fifth Avenue, took Claire into FAO Schwartz (a must!) and got her an adorable teddy bear to remember the trip by, walked through Central Park and went to the Central Park Zoo. She loved every minute of it.

We wanted to have a little photoshoot in Central Park but it was simply too cold for that. I was bummed but am glad we had the opportunity to snap a few photos in the hotel room and at Bryant Park to document her first Halloween. We had an early night in after that to avoid the crazy people that were all over Times Square.

I might be slightly biased but I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest pumpkin in history. We got the costume on Etsy and I still can’t get over how adorable she is in it. When we first received it in the mail, I quickly put it on her and promptly squealed for a good 20 minutes because I couldn’t handle the cuteness. She definitely enjoyed my reaction and maybe was aware of how she looked in it because she had the biggest smile on her face that whole time. I’m already coming up with ideas for her next Halloween costume! What did you do for Halloween?

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