June 13 Oregon

Last weekend, we flew up to Oregon to celebrate my nephew’s graduation from high school.

This was the fourth plane trip for Claire (Vermont at 8 weeks old, New York at 6 months old, Orange County at almost 8 months old, and now Oregon at 13 months). She’s flown more than some people I know but it’s interesting how every trip has been so different because of her age. The first two trips she slept the whole time. This last trip, she didn’t sleep at all. She climbed back and forth on CJ and I. She read through the safety pamphlet (very responsible of her!). She tried to escape to the aisle to run around. And she watched some Winnie the Pooh on the iPad. On one of our flights, a mom, her 2 year old son, and her newborn baby walked past us (I should clarify the newborn baby did not walk past us, he was wrapped up in a Moby Wrap on his mommy :)) and CJ and I looked at each other thinking “How is that woman flying on her own with two little ones?!?!”. Anyway, she deserved a medal (like my sister does for doing the same thing back in the day!). It reminded me how much easier it was to fly when Claire was a newborn because she slept the whole time. The only difficulty was in lugging around (what felt like) 52 bags.

On one of our morning walks by the water

On one of our morning walks by the water

Anyway, back to the Oregon trip, we honestly didn’t want to leave. We considered extending our trip because we had so much fun but, alas, life was calling and we had to get back to it. We stayed at a hotel in Portland along the river and spent each morning walking along the water and enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful weather. We stopped at a coffee shop along the path that, one morning, gave us a free latte (which was amazing!). We saw a group of people gathering to ride kayaks down the river. Claire must have thought she was in heaven with the amount of dogs she saw on our walk. I got choked up at one point because the feeling of being back in Portland was so overwhelming for me (I grew up outside of Portland, for those of you who don’t know). We had random conversations with people in stores and it reminded us how friendly people are outside of California. Then, we went to my sister’s house which was filled with an auntie, uncle, and four cousins to Claire who played with her and showered her with so much love. It was such a wonderful display of the importance of family.


My sister and I were clearly having a moment when this photo was taken. Unfortunately, Claire had already gone to sleep for the night when we took this photo.

If there’s one thing I could change, it’s that I wish we lived closer. I wish we could hop in the car and see each other in 10 minutes. Luckily, it’s a short plane ride away and we’re not across the country. But even that plane ride seems like too much.

Until next time, Oregon. You will always feel like home to me.


Last Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know we did. It was a perfect weekend of relaxation with nothing specific on our agendas but spending time together. We were able to go to the gym, walk around downtown Walnut Creek (which we have deeply missed doing since moving away from there), run errands, clean the house, spend time in the park, and just be together.

It was one of my favorite kinds of weekends – where we’re not running from one thing to the next. Where we’re not rushing to get out of the house in a certain amount of time. And where we could just enjoy the day and the weekend as a family.

Things will probably slowly get busier as we approach Claire’s first birthday in May so I will savor every moment we get together to just relax.

March 1

March 1 Civic


Gender Reveal – We’re having a….


And oh my goodness, we are so excited!! I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day when we found out. Actually, I don’t think I really have stopped smiling. Knowing a little bit more about our little one who will be joining us in May makes it so much more real and exciting.

The ultrasound told us only good news – she has all her fingers and toes, perfect measurements, healthy heart, etc. Although, me being a huge fan of photos, I really wanted to see her little face but she just wasn’t in the mood to reveal herself just yet. She had her arms up on both sides of her face so we couldn’t see anything other than her tiny little hands, cute little fingers, and her ears. We were in and out of the appointment in what seemed like 10 minutes, it was so quick and efficient! They gave us a CD of some of the photos that they took but, unfortunately, we didn’t get a copy of her profile. No worries, we’re just happy we have a healthy baby girl!

The overwhelming majority of people guessed that we were having a girl but we were unsure the whole time. We didn’t really have a feeling either way and the only thing I was sure about was whether or not we were having a girl or boy, we would have been ecstatic.

We told most of our family and friends the same day we found out. At first, we thought maybe we should do some big reveal but, after we found out, we were just too excited to wait. It would have been cute though to wrap little gifts for everyone and have everyone open them together on Christmas to find out the gender. We weren’t patient enough for something like that. 🙂

Now that we know we’re having a girl, we can start registering and planning the nursery. We’re going to start working on the nursery in January after the holiday season. CJ has already started working on sanding the baby furniture that will be going in the room and then we will paint it a nice shade of white. We’re most likely going to stick with the gray, yellow, and white color scheme that we originally planned but we’ll see. We might end up doing gray, white, and a soft pink. Who knows! You’ll have to wait and see.

There are sooo many cute clothes out there and now that I know we’re having a girl, I’ve been obsessing over a few:

Oshkosh 2-piece set

Oshkosh 3-piece set

Carters 3-piece Elephant dot set

Gap Dot Flutter Dress

Etsy Headband 

Etsy Headband

There are so many cute items! But I haven’t bought anything yet, I’m trying to control myself until after the holidays. 🙂

We’ve had a lot of people asking what her name will be or making comments like, “Now that you know it’s a girl, you can start picking names!” Well, we’ve already done a lot of research on baby names but have decided not to reveal her name until she’s born. We think it will be fun to keep it a surprise! I promise you, it will be beautiful. 🙂