Life Lately


It’s amazing how quickly time has been flying by and I still can’t get over how much Claire has grown. I say that over and over again but it takes on a different meaning every time I say it.

Claire has been sick, pretty much non-stop, all of winter. First, it was multiple colds back to back. Then it was pinkeye. Then, hand foot and mouth. And now, croup. I had never even heard of the last two sicknesses until she got them. The crazy thing is, I have no idea where she got them from. For a mommy, seeing your little one sick is the absolute worse. I felt helpless. I felt sick for her. I was probably more bothered by it than she was. I desperately want her to feel well all the time for her sake but, selfishly, for my own. I don’t quite understand it but, as a mother, there’s a connection between you and your child that is unexplainable. I imagine it’s similar to the myth of how twins feel – connected in some supernatural way.

Motherhood is the most amazing, magical, and awe-inspiring journey I think I’ll ever be on. Your body creates a human life and then slowly, but surely, they develop into their own person with their own likes, dislikes, and quirks that make you laugh non-stop. She may frustrate me at times (don’t all toddlers?!?! 😉 ), but the moment she’s out of sight, I miss her terribly. I want to hold her and squeeze her and dread the day when she’ll no longer let me do that constantly.

Lately, I find myself frantically scribbling funny stories about her in my notebook. I don’t want to forget these little moments because they are what makes life so wonderful. She’s talking so much, making little jokes, and when I look at her, I can tell she’s really looking back and watching mine and CJ’s every move. I love her more than words could ever possibly describe and am constantly in awe of her.

I’m thankful every day for this gift and hope I never ever take it for granted.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.

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