Claire is THREE!

Hey there! It’s been a while since we’ve popped in here for a little update. Things have been crazy busy to say the least but, hey, isn’t that how we all feel?

As easy as it would be to spend the whole day talking about how busy we are, we have much more important things to talk about. Mainly, how in the WORLD is Claire already three years old? Indulge us as we give an update on our most favorite little three year old there ever was. From a completely unbiased source, of course. 😉

If we had to pick some words to describe three-year-old Claire, it would be hilarious, assertive, opinionated, silly, and imaginative. We talk about this all the time but she really truly is a mini-me. She knows what she wants and will negotiate until she gets her way. We’re by no means pushovers but she is a strong negotiator so we feel like we always tend to at least meet in the middle with her. This skill will serve her well in later years but, for now, it can make some things pretty difficult. Namely, BEDTIME. She regularly falls asleep around 9pm even when she’s in bed by 7:30pm. We read a couple books before we put her in bed but then, somehow she convinces us to read one more, and then another, and then another… you get the picture. 🙂

She has an incredibly active imagination which we LOVE to see – she regularly goes grocery shopping, takes care of her baby (she’s a mommy to two baby dolls), takes orders for food or Christmas gifts and jots it down in her little notebook, goes to the doctor, etc.

She also LOVES helping with anything that we’re doing – whether that’s carrying in bags from shopping, folding laundry, cooking, cleaning, you name it.

Zoe (her dog) and her are two peas in a pod. We regularly find Zoe curled up on the floor next to her bed each night. Those two are the sweetest pair.

She’s still a picky eater and something she’ll love one night, she might not even touch the next night. You never know what she’ll be in the mood for. On any given night if we ask her what she wants to eat, she’ll yell enthusiastically, “TACOS!” which doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll actually eat them.

She prefers coloring with a pencil, not a colored pencil or a crayon, but a pencil.

Her favorite activities are going to Target and playing in the toy aisle, going to the playground, going grocery shopping, going to the zoo, playing at home, family “date nights” and getting donuts with Daddy. She also loves anything involving Nana and Papa.

Lastly, her birthday present from us was a BIG GIRL BED!!! And she was SO excited!!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful little girl! We love you SO much!




2 thoughts on “Claire is THREE!

  1. Love the update! Love her BIG girl bed too and her birthday shirt. She’s so precious. Love her to pieces; can’t wait to see her!!!

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