2 Year Checkup

Hello there! I’m going to try to post regularly on here but things are about to get crazy for us in the next couple of months so I can’t make any promises. Maybe I can convince CJ to write a post or two… maybe! 😉


We took Claire to her 2 year checkup earlier this week and it went well! The doctor went through her list of skills and questions to see how she’s doing health-wise and developmentally and we’re proud to report that the doctor was so impressed with her! She said that she’s at where most 2 1/2 to 3-year-olds normally are. Most notably, she’s speaking in sentences (“I’m ready to go now!” which she promptly said after getting her weight and height), she can draw in circles (I guess kids can’t normally complete a circle until 2 1/2), and she’s potty trained (the doctor’s reaction, “Oh wow, we don’t normally ask about that until their 3 year check-up!”).

She’s been doing much better with potty training – she’s pretty much a pro at daycare with the occasional slip up and, at home, we have the occasional accident but it’s not normally a battle to get her to go anymore. If we try to race her to the potty, or let her bring a toy/book with her, she’ll oblige. What’s most surprising is she’s really awesome (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!) when we’re out and about. We’ll be out to dinner and she’ll tell us she has to go potty and hold it until we get there. I’m always so impressed when that happens because there are so many distractions that you would think she wouldn’t even think about it. It’s a huge relief that she’s doing better with it because we obviously want it to be a positive experience with her rather than a power struggle to get her to try.

What else… well she had her first dentist appointment last month and that went so well too! The dentist was also impressed with how advanced she was and also told us that she has all her teeth in now. Go Claire!

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