Little Forever

sleeping beauty

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Claire. I got so emotional that I found myself crying on my way home from the gym just thinking about how we’re watching our little baby disappear and grow into a little girl. I remember when she turned 6 months old and crying because she was growing up too fast. Well, here I go again just a few days shy of her turning 9 months old. I didn’t know it was possible to fall more in love with her but it’s happening and it’s overwhelming in the best way.

I left for work in the morning and, lately when I leave for work, she sees me exiting the house and starts crying and takes quite a while to calm down. Yesterday, she realized I was leaving and started fussing, so I leaned in to give her a kiss and tell her I love her and she gave me a hug. When I stepped away, she seemed content with the hug she just got and stopped fussing. My heart could have burst right there from that little hug. Then when I got home from work last evening, she immediately started crying when she heard the keys in the front door and when she saw me all she wanted was mommy. I picked her up and she did a little dance in my arms that she always does when she’s excited. Then, she gave me a kiss for the very first time. She gets a million kisses from CJ and I and once in a while opens her mouth or sticks out her tongue when it happens. But this time was different, this time she legitimately kissed me and I almost melted on the floor.

I will never ever be able to put into words how I feel for her. I actually don’t think words exist that can explain the feeling. All I know is that I fall more in love with her every day and can’t get enough of her. She is the best.

Please stay little forever, my beautiful angel. There will never be enough time for snuggles, hugs, kisses, and the sweet moments that make my heart melt.


4 thoughts on “Little Forever

  1. Beautifully said! It’s hard to explain until you have the opportunity to actually experience it first hand. I’m so glad you and CJ are having this experience now; what your parents had with you! Love you all

  2. Your post is so incredibly beautiful and provides such a vivid picture of love, awe, wonder and emotions. I especially love the beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing!

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