Office Progress (Finally!!)

We’ve finally moved forward with making changes to the office and we are so excited! The office wasn’t horrible before but wasn’t entirely useful for what we needed in an office. The furniture was what I used in college and was great for one person, not so great for two people. There wasn’t enough storage and we constantly had stuff stacking up on the desktop, the top of the bookcase, and worst of all, the floor. Barf. I hate clutter and hate disorganization so I was not a happy camper walking past that room and especially using the room when working from home.

We did a lot of research seeing what kind of double desk options were out there and what would work best for us. For me, my top requirement was having storage and enough desk space for the two of us. For CJ, his top requirement was enough desk space. We also wanted something affordable. So, as much as I’d love a Pottery Barn office, our wallet would not.

After our research, these are the offices that inspired us the most:

DIY Desk Top – IKEA Hack from Icing on the Cake Blog

Double Workspace – The Share Space

Double Desk – Young House Love Blog

So, we’re kind of doing a hybrid of all of them. We are doing the DIY desk top in the first photo (CJ is did an amazing job building it!!), the drawers in the second one, and it will end up having a similar look as the third one when finished because we won’t have open shelves. I really love the dual cork board and shelf look in the second one too but we’re still undecided on whether or not we’ll do that. Our walls have a funky texture so we always seem to have a lot of trouble finding studs in the wall to hang stuff on. I also have computer monitors so that would require the cork boards to be hung pretty high up… not sure if I would like that. It would be a nice way to define the space though.

We also bought a white bookcase and a white filing cabinet for the office for more storage. It’s going to be such a huge relief to have all the stray documents put in their final resting place. Just thinking about having everything filed away is making me do a little jig of excitement.

We just set up all the furniture and are currently in the midst of organizing everything. Stay tuned for the reveal.

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