Office Plans

While trying to prep for the baby, we’ve also been thinking about what to do in our office. While it’s not on the top of our priority list, we really want to reconfigure the office so it could work for two people. Right now, we have one desk in there which we can both squeeze into but it’s definitely a squeeze. Lately, on the occasional Friday, we’ve both worked from home and either shared our current desk in the office or one of us went into the family room to spread out. It would be so nice to be able to both work in the office and have enough desk space to spread out any paperwork that we may be looking at.

There’s also limited storage space (I’d like more file cabinets) and we haven’t done much to decorate the room other than paint it. We’ve held off on hanging any items because we want to figure out how to maximize the space and make it useful before putting any holes in the walls.

So, one idea we have is to add/make a double desk. We really like how Young House Love configured their office in their old house.

Young House Love office

To build a desk like this, we would first need to find lower units for storage. We went to IKEA recently to see what they had but were not impressed with the options. Now, we’re trying to figure out where else we could look. Ideally, we’d like them to be affordable and are open to repainting something we find. The ones in the picture above were originally kitchen cabinets that they repurposed. They found them for $6 at a thrift store! If only we were lucky enough to find something like that. I guess the first thing we would have to do is actually go to a thrift store. 😉 But, then again, I really really want file cabinets and I doubt we’ll find them there. CJ thinks we could also just find kitchen cabinets like those and then have file cabinets somewhere else in the room. That could work… but only if we don’t fill up the room too much.

One problem we have is that our office isn’t huge. How do you add in storage, a double desk, and still make the room feel inviting and not too cluttered? I absolutely detest clutter so I will do anything to avoid that.

So the story on the desk is to be continued… but we’ll definitely continue brainstorming ideas. If you’ve seen any great double desk setups in a small room, we’d love to see them! I want lotsss of storage because I like staying organized so that’s high on the priority list.

Oh and by the way, I realized just now that we’ve never taken a picture of our office! I’ll need to do that so, when we do decide what to do, we have before & after photos! I’m making a mental note to take a picture soon. 🙂

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