Baby Shower

We had the most wonderful baby shower this weekend thanks to my mom and sister! Also, shout out to CJ’s mom and sister as well who helped them set up the bridal shower and organized the games!

Baby Shower Decor

Even though it was raining on the day of, the day turned out perfectly. All of the tables were set up inside and looked beautiful. The food was amazing (we got rave reviews on the tri tip so thanks to our brother-in-law for those!) and we loved having Kara’s Cupcakes as the dessert.

We’re so glad we chose to have a couple’s shower because it was nice to have all of our friends and family over to celebrate. We can’t believe how fast the party flew by! The party started at 1pm and, at least from our experience, we blinked and it was 5:30pm. It went by so fast that we didn’t get through all the games that were planned but we played one of them later that night and it was so fun!

Overall, it was the perfect day and the perfect weekend. We’re so thankful that everyone was able to come to the shower and especially to those who traveled in. It meant so much to have everyone there.

Our Baby Shower!

As you can see, I have quite the baby bump now!

P.S. Holy cow! How do we only have 5 weeks left until our little girl is here?!?!? (if she’s on time)

2 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. It was truly a wonderful and perfect day (including the rain/one of my favorite things). So great sharing in your special day for Baby T and with all those who were able to be there with us! The day definitely did fly by and it’s very hard to believe that Baby T will be welcomed into the world in approximately 5 weeks – can’t wait!

    Love you two, plus one!

  2. It was a wonderful party and a great celebration of Emily & CJ’s love and excitement as they await the arrival of Baby Girl T. Cynthia and Katie did an amazing job – everything was pure perfection! I was thrilled to be part of your special day!
    Love, Sheila

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