37 Weeks!

37 Weeks

In approximately 3 weeks (depending on when Baby T decides to join us), we will be holding our little girl in our arms for the first time. It feels so surreal and is SO exciting!!

We’re definitely ready for her arrival – car seat is in the car, stroller is set up, glider is put together, nursery is done, overnight bag is packed, diaper bag is packed, all of her clothes that we’ve received as gifts have been washed and put away… You name it, I’m sure we’ve done it.

Over the New Years Eve weekend, I started to teach myself how to crochet and have officially finished my first blanket for Baby T this weekend! I’m pretty proud of myself for actually finishing it. I’ve tried so many times to teach myself to crochet/knit over the years but have never gotten close to actually finishing a project so this is a momentous occasion. I have my amazing husband CJ to thank for keeping me motivated.


We had two date nights last weekend since we won’t get many of those once she arrives and it was so nice. I will never ever take date nights for granted, that’s for sure. We also have a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants in Walnut Creek that we’re saving for our first date night after she arrives…whenever we’re ready to venture out on our own.

We still can’t believe that we’re going to be meeting our little girl so soon. I know that she’s been in my belly for the past 8.5 months and feel her moving around in there all the time (she has quite the dance moves!) but it’s still crazy to think that we’re going to officially be parents in a few weeks. The suspense is killing us! But, we’re happy to wait until the due date for her to come, we wouldn’t want to rush her out. 😉

As far as how I’ve been doing, not much has changed since my last update except my belly has grown quite a bit more. I’m still sleeping well and am not too uncomfortable. Although, if I’m walking or standing for an extended period of time, I definitely feel it in my back. And it’s really hard to get in a comfortable position when sitting down but I eventually figure it out. I’m trying to stay active so wearing my fitbit every day has kept me aware of how much walking I’ve been doing. I have a pregnancy workout DVD as well which I’ve been doing and really enjoy. It’s only 30 minutes for each workout but I definitely feel a difference after I’m done.

We took another hospital tour last weekend as a “refresher course” since we last took the tour in January and wanted to make sure we were fully prepped on all the details of how to arrive and check in. It was nice to do another walk through before the big day. I can’t even tell you how excited we are for her to be here.

We also can’t wait to tell everyone her name and show off her nursery – along with obviously showing off our adorable little girl! We’ve been calling her by her name when it’s just the two of us around so it will be nice for everyone else to finally know. I’ve had a few sneaky individuals try to trick me into saying her name but I didn’t fall for it! They will have to wait with the rest of the world to find out.

My last day at work before maternity leave is next Friday (April 25) and I have so much to do before I’m gone. My coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower which was the sweetest thing ever. It was definitely a perfect example of why I love my job and love the people I work with.

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