Preparing for Move In Day

We should be able to go back into the house on Sunday as the last coat of stain on the hardwood floors was applied yesterday and the smell should be aired out by then. Sooo that means that we could possibly start unpacking things on Sunday!

Tomorrow we’re going to head to The Container Store to look at different closet options and maybe shop around at a few other stores depending on their pricing. Lauren and I painted the master bedroom closet on Wednesday evening so it’s ready for all the “fixin’s” that come along with having a functional closet. There’s a company called EasyClosets that will design your closet for you for free if you provide them the dimensions. We sent in our dimensions earlier this week and got a good idea of how we should set up the closet. Obviously, EasyClosets’ intention is for you to buy their closet supplies but we’re going to try to save some money and do it ourselves.
We’ll also try to run a few more errands tomorrow to get ready for moving into the house. We don’t need to go crazy with prepping because we won’t really start moving until next weekend. CJ will be traveling next week so not much will be happening in between this Sunday and the following Saturday but we can’t wait!!!
We’re sooooo close to finally moving in! 

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