Scrub a dub dub

The time has come! We will officially be moving in this weekend!

I’ll be posting some before & after photos of the kitchen after the stove vent (or whatever you call it) is replaced. Somehow, our contractor ordered one that is 6 inches smaller than what we expected. When we first walked into the kitchen after all the appliances were installed, CJ and I both paused and stared at it thinking to ourselves, “Hm… not exactly how we envisioned it to look”, mostly because there were several inches of space on either side of the vent. It was not intentional so our contractor plans on exchanging it for the right one. You will not believe the difference between the before & after photos! It literally looks like a different house. We can’t wait for you to see!!

To help get the house ready for moving everything in, I came over to the house tonight to clean the sawdust off of every surface in the house. It got on everything! When Lauren and I were at the house last week painting the master closet, I went into the bathroom to change into painting clothes and placed a shirt on the bathtub. When I picked the shirt up, I could see exactly where it was placed. A clear sign that the house needed to be dusted and scrubbed down before moving in.

Here’s a close-up of what the bathtub looked like:

Gross! So much sawdust.

After using a magical Swiffer duster, the bathtub ended up looking like this:

Squeaky clean 🙂
It’s amazing how much better it looks!! I almost forgot that the bathtub is white!
Needless to say, the house is sooo much cleaner now and I feel a lot better about moving things in. I may start bringing stuff to the house each night this week and start unpacking. It depends on how exhausted I am after work each night. 🙂
Have you ever refinished your hardwood floors? Did you get sawdust everywhere?

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