So excited (dadadada), I just can’t hide it!

Inspector gadget came and did the final run through today and signed off on everything. So we are good to go. The house will have all the finishing touches done throughout the week and then we will be able to start filling boxes to fill our new boxes (also known as rooms). Yeah, there is a bit more painting to do but who’s counting?

The next item on our agenda is closet construction. With the nice new closet, we now need some shelves and racks so our clothing isn’t sitting on the floor in little (actually quite large) stacks of cloth and shoe.

What our closet kind of looks like right now, except the floors have been redone and we now have baseboards

Then I must keep on digging, keep on digging in the backyard to move out the rest of the bricks and fill in the holes I’ve newly created. Then, clean things up in and outside of the house.

Then it’s time to P-A-R-T-why cuz I gotta. 🙂 

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