What’s Up with the Kitchen?

We might have been keeping you in suspense on what’s going on in the kitchen so let’s talk about that, shall we?

So far, our cabinets, granite, oven/microwave, sink, hardware (knobs and handles), and faucet have been installed. The walls have been painted a nice neutral color. The area in the kitchen where we were adding the hardwood has been filled in and has gotten it’s first coat of the stain. Everything is coming together SO beautifully.

What’s left? The backsplash of travertine tile, installing all the appliances, and hanging the light/chandelier that will go over the kitchen table. We are super close to being done! It should be another week or two before we can start moving in. The biggest gating item is finishing up the floors because, obviously, if the floors aren’t done, we can’t put anything on them. 🙂

Here’s what we’re thinking for the backsplash over the stove. The only difference is all of our tiles will be square. And, obviously, our cabinets will look completely different and we won’t have that humongous hood.

Diagonal square travertine tiles

We’ve decided to wait until the kitchen is completely done before posting any more pictures of what it looks like. We think it’s better to save it for a Big Reveal. 🙂

Have you ever remodeled your kitchen? What was your most/least favorite part of the process? 

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