Mini House Update


If our information is accurate, the first coat of stain has been put on the floors today!

On Monday, we stopped by the house to check out the two stain options and luckily, we caught the Floor Guy right as he was leaving. He recommended the more brownish stain so it wouldn’t match the cabinets as much and we agreed. The Floor Guy told us that they would either start staining Tuesday or Wednesday.

Also, apparently (fun fact of the day), when you stain floors, it will darken over the next 6 months to a year to its final color. So, the initial color you choose won’t be what you see a year from the staining. I definitely didn’t know that before this whole process!

I stopped by yesterday on my way home from work to check things out and things are coming along. They sanded the floors yesterday so they are now super smooth and look like brand new hardwood. Since they didn’t stain yesterday, I’m assuming that was on their to-do list for today. Let’s cross our fingers that’s the case!

Family Room

I also talked to our contractor briefly yesterday and he said they’re going to try to paint the back room in the next few days and lay out the tile backsplash.

Picking the color for the back room was a whole other process but luckily, we were able to make a decision. We went back and forth on doing a fun color or a neutral, and finally settled on a neutral. Below is what I think our couches will look like. We ordered them in the store and chose the fabric color from a swatch so we haven’t seen it in person yet.

But since we haven’t seen the couch in the room, it’s hard to know what would look best so we thought the safest bet (since we had to make a decision before the couches were in the room) was to do a nice light tan. Here’s what that looks like:

Kelly-Moore Oyster

We’re planning on getting some fun colorful pillows for the couches and getting some colorful artwork for the walls to spice things up in the room. I LOVE these ones from Pottery Barn.

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