One Month!

One Month!

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Claire is officially one month old!! Well, she was as of June 8th. Part of me wants to say it’s amazing how fast time flies by but then again, I feel like Claire has been with us for forever now. It seems like so much longer than a month ago that she was born. Every day passes by so quickly that I’m constantly amazed at how fast 5pm rolls around.

I know that Claire is still tiny but she seems so much bigger than she was when she was born. I weighed her last Tuesday after MuirMommies (a mommy group that I joined) and she now weighs 9 pounds 1 oz. A full pound larger than she was when she was born. I think she’s right below the 50th percentile for weight.

Here’s a rundown of facts about Claire at 1 month old…

  • Loves – Snuggling with mommy and daddy, glider swing, her pacifier, and grabbing my hair while eating.
  • Eating – CJ and I are endlessly entertained at how excited she gets when she realizes she’s about to be fed and the noises she makes while eating.
  • Sleeping – She lets us sleep for 3-4 hours at a time which means that, generally, we only have to wake up once or twice a night which we’re so grateful for. I’m sure that will change as she goes through growth spurts but we’re enjoying the time she gives us to sleep.
  • Tummy Time – She’s happiest when tummy time is done while laying on one of our chests. She used to hate doing it on the activity mat but now she’s okay with it. She’ll do it for a little while before getting frustrated or falling asleep. She’s also starting to lift her head a little when doing it.
  • Smiling – When she falls asleep, she starts smiling. I wish I could record it every single time but I don’t seem to be fast enough. I want to freeze time so that she never grows out of this phase because I love those little smiles so much. She’s also starting to smile at us when we’re talking to her which is so cute, I almost can’t handle it.
  • Car Rides – She falls asleep every time we drive somewhere.

People were right when they told us that every day gets a little easier. Yes, every phase comes with its challenges but I don’t think anything will be as hard as those first two weeks. These last few weeks has been so much better and I can’t get over how adorable she is. I’m a bit biased but I really could look at her for hours and not stop smiling. She is such a little angel.


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