The First Few Weeks

It’s amazing what you think life will be like after having a baby. CJ and I talked about how I could write a blog post every day updating people on how things are going… you know, because I would have so much more free time. ūüėČ Clearly we were mistaken on that front.

Claire was officially 1 month old as of yesterday¬†and it’s crazy how fast time has flown by. Then again, it feels like she’s been here forever. These past 4 weeks have kind of felt like one long day. I attribute some of that to the fact that we only sleep in short chunks of time since we have to wake up for feedings.

May 20

Photo taken when Claire was 12 days old

If I were to describe how life has changed, I don’t know if I really could put it into words. I know that fellow parents¬†know¬†exactly what I’m talking about. A blog that I read (EatLiveRun) described how her life changed really well so I’ll just link to that because I identify a lot with what she had to say. It’s the most wonderful and magical thing becoming a parent but it’s the hardest job we’ve ever had to do and, I’ll admit, it’s hard to adjust to the lifestyle change. No longer can we quickly hop in the car to run to the grocery store for something we forgot or spontaneously decide we want to have a date night at On the Border. Things take a lot more planning now. We practically have a whole set of luggage we have to bring along with us. Car seat, stroller, diaper bag, extra clothes, blankets, etc. etc.¬†We knew it was going to be like that but it didn’t really hit me until it was our reality.¬†That’s not to say we aren’t loving it, it’s just an adjustment. A wonderful one.

The first two weeks were by far the hardest with me recovering from the c-section, being in a TON of pain, being completely and utterly exhausted, and trying to learn how to breastfeed. Waking up every few hours was hard and especially because we didn’t sleep for two nights when I was in labor. I also got sick for a few days after we got home and wasn’t able to eat which made the pain and exhaustion that much more amplified. Thanks to my amazing husband I got better and I’m now back to normal. I seriously would not have been able to do any of this without CJ. I didn’t think it was possible but my love for him has grown exponentially throughout this whole process.

I’m amazed at how she’s changing and growing every day and am so amused by her little facial expressions. I find myself telling CJ approximately 5 million times a day how adorable she is. I just can’t get over how we made such a beautiful and perfect little human being.


Our little family

I’ve been back in my pre-pregnancy jeans since Claire was about 2 weeks old and I love it. I feel human again not having to wear those jeans with the large stretchy area over my belly. Although, I have to admit, I do really miss my pregnant belly and miss feeling her kicks. I find myself rubbing my belly occasionally expecting to feel my basketball sized belly and being disappointed it’s no longer there. Oh well, there’s a wonderful reason why my belly is¬†no longer there and she’s currently hanging out¬†in her gliding swing (that she loves, thanks Aunt Denese!!).

I don’t want to over promise but I will try to do a 1 month birthday post about Claire. We’ll see if I get around to that seeing as how it took me over a week to write this one. ūüėČ

One thought on “The First Few Weeks

  1. It is so wonderful to hear through your words and emotions that come through your words how much you and CJ have been blessed by the arrival of Claire. You both have taken to parenthood like pros, and it is obvious how much you love your daughter. Who can blame you – she’s gorgeous and perfect!
    Love, Sheila

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