One of our favorite discoveries when moving into our new home was temporary blinds. Not only did they cover up the windows so snoops couldn’t peer into our house, they also cost $5 each. For someone who cannot decide quickly on something so permanent, they were the ideal solution.

However, over the past few months, we were reminded why they are called temporary blinds. They’re not meant to be hung up for extended periods of time which we learned pretty quickly when they kept falling down over and over…and over again. We decided to use our handy dandy Frog Tape to keep them attached to the windows which made for a very stylish window. I mean, who doesn’t want some temporary paper blinds hung up by some bright green tape? I know, you’re jealous already.

Back to the newest development, we did some research on different blind companies, looked in a few catalogs, and visited our second home (The Home Depot, of course) to find the best deal**. We weren’t surprised to find that our second home had the best price and exactly what we needed.

So, we finally purchased some beautiful white faux-wood blinds to hang in our house. We wanted to see how they looked first before buying enough for the whole house so we started with the office and guest room. They were so easy to hang up! They take about 20-30 minutes each and look so good! Once we knew we liked them, we bought enough for the family room.

Helpful hint: When you buy your blinds from Home Depot, they take the size of your window and subtract a 1/2″ from the width before cutting. They make them a 1/2″ thinner because the blinds need that much space on each side for the mounting brackets. Because of that, when you’re measuring, I wouldn’t round down. The last thing you want is for the blinds to be too thin and have them crash down when you first hang them in the brackets (that happened to us). You also don’t want them to be too wide because then they won’t fit in your window. So trust the experts and let them remove 1/2″ from the width. 🙂

**As an aside, something else we discovered while being homeowners is the price difference that you’ll find between different stores. I HIGHLY recommend doing research on items before you buy them because I bet you’ll find it cheaper somewhere else. I’m an anti-BB&B (Bed, Bath & Beyond) shopper because they are WAY overpriced. You’ll find items there that are the same price as Pottery Barn but 1/4 the level of quality. For example, we bought a curtain rod there and, when screwing it into the wall, the screw literally broke in half. CJ is pretty strong but I wouldn’t say he’s the incredible hulk. When we went to our favorite store, The Home Depot, we found a curtain rod for 1/3 of the price and it is way higher quality than the BB&B rod.

2 thoughts on “Blinded

  1. Your house is looking even more beautiful and really becoming a home!! The landscaping will look great too. We will put you to work when you visit because our lawn is dead 😉 I love the picture at the top of your blog!

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