House Layout

When Suzanne came to visit our house for the first time, she mentioned that pictures do not do it justice. Actually, several people have told us that! We completely agree. I think part of the problem is that we can’t capture a whole room in one shot (hint hint I’d like a wide angle lens for my camera) and the other problem is you don’t really get a good feel of the layout of the house through pictures.

To help imagine the layout, I made this quick sketch of how the house is set up:

CJ and I spent quite some time measuring out each room and this is the best we could do to get the correct proportions. It’s pretty close to the real deal.

The whole house is almost 1400 square feet so there’s plenty of space for entertaining. One of the main reasons why we bought the house was because of the layout, it really flows well together.

Tomorrow, our landscaping guy is coming over to rip out the little tree in the front yard, remove some bushes, start smoothing out the front yard, install irrigation, and then lay some sod! He said that it will take about 3-4 days to complete. We listened to the advice that our family and friends gave and decided to install irrigation. It will make our lives sooo much easier and it’s better to do it now while we have a blank slate. We can’t wait to finally have something added to the front yard! It will make a huge difference.

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