Living Formal

One of the most common questions I get when I haven’t seen someone in a while is, “How is the new house going?”, and I normally respond with, “It’s good.” When really, I’m thinking, “Well the packing is done. We have furniture to get for the formal room and then need to actually decorate the place – curtains, pictures, decorative pieces to go on the furniture, rugs, yada yada yada…” But I try to avoid bogging people down with the details. We have so many plans for the house that it’s hard to say that we’re done moving in when there is so much left to do to until it feels complete.

One thing that we can check off – major furniture for the front room! Last Friday, Macy’s delivered our adorable little loveseat for the front room. Our formal living room is starting to look like a real room instead of a big empty space that we pass through on our way to the kitchen that echos when we walk through it and I am SOOO excited about it.

Our painting is propped on the sofa so you can imagine what it will look like when it gets hung up

Once we moved the furniture in the layout that looked best, we could see that there was a void in between the two side chairs that needed to be filled. We saw a little Tibetan stool in Cost Plus a few weeks ago that I fell in love with but had no idea where it would fit in the house. After seeing the front room come together, I knew that it would be the perfect side table so we stopped by Cost Plus and snatched it up. I’m so in love with it because it’s functional but also is a piece of artwork.

With the cute little stool!
Let’s take a look at the “to do” list for the formal living room:
  • Loveseat
  • Side chairs
  • Side table
  • Buy a bookshelf for the wall to the left of the loveseat (should arrive in the next week or so)
  • Paint the walls a grayish blue (I think it’s called Rain Nation by Kelly Moore) – this is happening next week…hopefully
  • Hang our beautiful wedding gift (painting by family friend)
  • Buy the remaining furniture – end table, ottoman, floor lamp, and rug
  • Pick out fabric for the curtains
  • Sew the curtains (task for my superwoman mother)
  • Hang the curtains
  • Get a plant to bring in some life
  • Hang pictures
  • Make/buy a piece of artwork to hang over the credenza
Okay, so yes, there’s a lot left to do for this room but at least it now feels like a room. I love walking through that space now because I can now imagine what it will look like when it’s all put together. 

2 thoughts on “Living Formal

    • Thanks! We love them too. The loveseat is from Macy’s but I don’t see our fabric shade on the website anymore. It’s the Chloe Fabric Loveseat – I think ours was the granite shade. The chairs are from Joss & Main! They are amazing too. Joss & Main always has great deals.

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