Setting Up the Guest Closet

Our guest closet has needed an upgrade for quite some time. Because we reduced it from a full closet to a half sized closet, it wasn’t set up for functional use when we moved in. We were using it for one of our hampers and for the ironing board but I realllllly wanted to hang up my coats in there. Up until now, I had them on a clothes hanger in the garage because there wasn’t enough space in the existing closets.

Here’s what the closet looked like before we spruced it up:

Ready for a fresh new paint job
Uneven painting done by our contractor

Step 1: Paint the closet. Although the picture above looks like a perfectly white closet, it was quite uneven and drove me nuts. Even if we filled up the closet with clothes, I would still know that the uneven paint job was hiding behind it. So, when CJ was on a business trip a few weeks ago, I painted it a standard white shade and voila! It was ready for shelves.

So fresh, so clean

Step 2: Buy the supplies. We went to Home Depot and picked out shelves and clothing rod for the closet. We chose the standard white metal so it blends in with the rest of the closet. The shelf came in a few standard sizes (none of which fit the size of our closet) so CJ asked one of the employees to cut it down to the size we needed and he did it at no extra cost. 
Step 3: Setting up the closet. We borrowed a handy dandy stud finder from my dad and started by finding where we could screw in the brackets. After that it was super easy: screw in the brackets, set the shelf on top, throw in the adjustable clothing rod and BAM. We had a working closet.

So functional

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