Stubborn Bricks

CJ mentioned a few days ago that he was working on getting rid of all the bricks in the backyard that made up the planter that assisted in the termite invasion. Well, it turned out to be much harder than anticipated because the bricks DO NOT want to break apart and the previous owner dug quite a hole in the ground when he started the brick layers. There’s at least 2-3 layers of bricks below the surface.

so many bricks!!

my adorable husband

working hard

pretending to be handy with the intense rotary drill

He did a lot of damage yesterday but he anticipates there will be 2-3 more days of working on it before it’s completely done. 
Once this is finished, we’ll paint the bottom part of the house that was covered by the bricks and clean up the area around it. Our backyard will definitely be one of our summer projects!

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