Choosing a Floor Stain

The floor had its initial sanding on Thursday. We stopped by the house to see how it looks and the old and new boards have blended together. We can’t tell which ones are new and which ones have been there for ever; they all look exactly the same.

Unfortunately, the Floor Guy came back yesterday to do the second round of sanding but the floor still had too much moisture in it to continue working on it. Because the heater was broken so long, a lot of moisture got in the boards so it’s taking longer than expected to warm up and dry out.

He decided to come back this morning with a team of 10 men (seriously) to whip it out quickly. BUT, yet again, the floors are still not dried out and some boards buckled overnight. So. incredibly. strange.

Because of that, he thinks that there’s still A LOT of moisture so he wants to wait until Wednesday/Thursday of next week to start up the work again. Yet another delay but for a good reason. We’d rather wait until the boards are completely warmed up and dried out so it won’t buckle 6 months from now than rush through the process.

Our floor stain choices

In the meantime, he dropped off some floor stain samples for us. We can choose 2 that we like and he’ll stain a few boards on our floors so we can see what they look like before we chose the final one. We’re going to check out the samples in the house to see which look the best. We want the color to coordinate with the cabinets but not be the same exact color. This is just as hard as choosing paint colors because you never know how it will really look until the whole thing is done. So we’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope we made a good choice!

By the way, I’m going to try to be better about taking photos with my fancy camera instead of my iPhone. The quality is soooo much better (obviously).

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