As you might remember, a few days ago were were trying to decide whether or not to keep our island. The decision has now been made! After standing in the kitchen and trying to imagine each possible combination, we’ve decided that the best layout would be to have the cabinet on the side to the right of our pantry.

We hope to have many get-togethers at our house and anyone who entertains knows that people tend to gather in the kitchen. With an island in the middle of our kitchen, there just wouldn’t be enough space for some to stand and for others to cook at the same time. We would end up having the shimmy past each other to keep the ball rolling on the food preparations which isn’t ideal. We want the space to feel open and comfortable and the best way to achieve that is to have the side cabinet.

As disappointing as it is to give up my little island, I know it’s for the best and I’m actually really excited for the new set up. When we were initially designing the kitchen, I kept thinking to myself, “I really wish we could have some glass cabinets to put our wine glasses on display.” That really makes kitchens look that much more beautiful and I’m glad we’re going to have that now. I think it will really complete the look.

We’re stopping by the house this afternoon and will take some pictures to update you on the progress. Our bedroom furniture has arrived so we’re going to try to bring it to the house. The recessed lights were installed in the kitchen this week, hardwood in the kitchen (where the beautiful linoleum used to be) was added, and the fan in our entertainment room was replaced.

Oh, and I must have jinxed us – right after I posted last night, the hot water heater broke AGAIN! So the plumber is here fixing it right now.

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