Heat is Overrated

Today marks our 1-week anniversary of not having heat in the house. We’d be more bothered by it if we were living there and had to experience the cold first-hand but luckily, we’re only reminded that it’s broken when we pop by the house for a quick check-up and have to thaw out our hands when we hop back in the car.

The biggest downside is that the floors are now on hold until the heater is fixed. According to the Floor Guy, he can’t sand the floors and start refinishing them because the hardwood needs to be adjusted to the temperature that the house will regularly be at. Or something like that. So we had the Heater Guy come over on Wednesday to take a look at The Situation and the consensus was that our motherboard needs to be fixed. Sounds intense, right? Apparently, it’s easier to replace the motherboard than to investigate what part of the motherboard has stopped working. The part has been ordered and should be arriving on Monday. So until then, no heat and no new floors. Bummer.

What’s funny (not really), is that my parent’s water heater broke at the same time as our heater! I never realized how dependent I was on hot water until it was temporarily gone. While CJ was at work basking in the luxuries of hot water in his office on New Years Eve, I was stuck living in the 1700s for a day. No dishes got done and, if I was determined enough to bathe at the house, I had to heat up water on the stove and carry it over to the bathtub. Needless to say, I went over to a friend’s house to take a shower (thanks Steph!) as I’m all about being efficient and heating up 15 pots of water for a bath was not worth it in my mind. Here’s a photo of one of her adorable puppies greeting me on my way out after the shower.

Luckily, the water heater was fixed by a jolly Water Heater Guy and we are back in business. One down, one to go!

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