To Island or Not to Island?

Our contractors brought in the island today and we’ve discovered that it’s too big for the space.

We have several options: (1) we could cut it down and make it smaller OR (2) we could add cabinets to the right of our pantry and a small countertop.

Option 1 would provide more space than the current size but it’s still less walking space than Option 2. It’s the least expensive way to go.

Option 2 would eliminate the island entirely and would provide a lot more open space for entertaining but then it would eliminate the island entirely. That’s just so hard for me to give up because I loved the idea of an island. But if it’s not enhancing the space, I can see why getting rid of it would be a good option. Another positive is that the new cabinet addition would have glass upper cabinets and we could put our wine glasses on display which would look really nice and would really complete the kitchen.

So, we’ve asked our contractor to provide an estimate for each option and we’ll make the decision from there. We’re leaning towards number 2 because it opens up the space more so we’ll see!

One thought on “To Island or Not to Island?

  1. I really like the ideas that go with Option 2, especially the glass upper cabinets to display your wine glasses. I've been thinking if I ever re-do my kitchen cabinets, I'd like to have the glass option on some! I know you'll miss your island, but you'll like your openness and room to move about the kitchen freely much more 🙂

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