Covering Up

None of the windows in our house are currently covered up with blinds or window treatments so we’re on the hunt for the best priced ones. Who knew there were so many different choices!

We’re leaning towards faux-wood blinds because they’re well priced and look nice. 
These will work for the majority of the windows in our house because they have that inset where you can hang them BUT the front windows in the formal living room and our bedroom are older and don’t have that inset. We’re trying to decide if we want to just attach the blinds above the windows and have them hang down or just have curtains/drapes OR both. Thoughts?? 
I kind of think attaching the blinds above the windows would look silly because I’ve never seen it done before but who knows. 
We don’t want the rooms to get too dark so if we just did curtains we might do a double rod and have a lighter white curtain hanging on the inside and then a thicker colored drape that we can close at night.
Eventually, we’re planning on replacing the front windows because they are older. In the meantime though, we still want our house to look good.
I’ll post pictures later of what the windows looks like so you can see what we’re dealing with. 

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