Fig Fiasco

We have the sweetest neighbors we could have ever asked for. We live in one of those neighborhoods where the neighbors always wave and stop by to say hello. We love it!

Our neighbors across the street have been living in their house for 52 years and they are the most adorable couple. The little old lady comes over to visit once in a while to check in and normally brings treats. Recently, she stopped by to bring us freshly baked lemon bars as well as apples and figs from their yard. The lemon bars were delicious as well as the apples. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try out the figs. Why, you might ask?

Well, after she gave us the figs, I placed them on our beautiful granite countertops to enjoy later. The figs were sitting in one of those green containers that strawberries normally come in when you buy them from the grocery store. Fast forward a day, and CJ and I walk into the kitchen to make breakfast when we notice our worst nightmare (when it comes to our granite countertops) – one of the figs had exploded overnight and the purplish juice was all over the counter. I gasped in horror while CJ took control of the situation and had me wipe up the mess and spray it off. The juice completely stained our countertops a deep red. We were devastated.

Apologies for not taking pictures of the “before”, we were too focused on addressing the issue to snap any photos. You can imagine that it looked something like this, except multiply the size by five, the color was darker and it was a solid stain, not a ring shape.

Example Granite Stain – Thanks to YoungHouseLove for the picture!

CJ didn’t want to accept that our countertops would forever be stained so he “Googled” a home remedy to help take out the stain. He found a site that said to make a mixture of baking soda and water that was the consistency of sour cream. Since I’m an expert in sour cream (can’t eat a taco without that glorious food item), I consulted in the making of this concoction. When we got it to the desired consistency, we spread it over the affected area and covered it with plastic wrap (also in the directions). The site told us to leave it for 24 hours and then to clean it off. The following morning, we came in, cleaned off the area and amazingly enough, it worked! You couldn’t tell where it was stained at all. Here’s an “after” photo.

Granite after the fig fiasco

Soooo if you ever stain your beautiful granite countertops, I highly recommend using baking soda and water to soak up the stain. It TOTALLY works.