Baby Essentials Part 2

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while so I’m quite proud of myself for finally getting around to it! As Claire grows, our must haves change but these have definitely been our favorites for a while and we highly recommend them.


Kiinde Bottle Warmer: This thing is a lifesaver. For the longest time, we would thaw my breastmilk in water that was warmed up either in a pot or a bowl that was microwaved and then we’d have to stand there swirling the breastmilk bag until it was done. That was so inconvenient and not ideal when Claire is hungry and can see the milk in front of her but can’t have it. With this, you can still safely heat the milk in warm water that swirls around the bag or bottle but you can leave and do other things while it’s happening. Sooo convenient for us and I’m sure our nanny appreciates it. 😉

Grass Dryer: Love this! CJ bought this one day from Target way back when and we’ve loved having a dedicated area for Claire’s bottles and other food supplies to dry. It helps that it’s cute too. 🙂

Tinybeans app: I use this at least 5 times a day (seeing as how I’m Claire’s paparazzi) and love that it sends out daily emails to our family and friends with updates. Our family loves it because, although they can’t see Claire every day, they can see her virtually and can watch her grow. It’s especially nice for the less tech savvy family members because all they have to do is check their email! No logging into a website.

Banana teething brush: She loves chewing on this when she’s teething! It’s too cute to see her nomming on something that looks like a mini-banana.

Comotomo bottle: I’m soo happy we bought this bottle. Claire was not the biggest fan of our old bottles because the milk didn’t come out fast enough but this one is the closest I’ve found to an actual breast and Claire can squeeze it to make the milk come out faster. She’s a happy camper now.

Bath tub: Like I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, she hated baths for the longest time… until we got this bathtub! She’s a little princess in her luxury bathtub and she loves every minute of it.

Sippy cup with straw: We had a traditional sippy cup for a while which she loved playing with but she didn’t get much water out of it and I think she saw it more as a toy than anything. The new one with a straw gives her much more water and she loves it! Another cool thing about it is the straw is weighted so she can drink it from any angle. Super smart idea!

Waterproof changing pad liner: I hated staining the pretty changing pad cover we had so these have been wonderful. They don’t detract from the design of the room but prevent stains.

Seahorse: This one is less useful now but we were so dependent on this for a couple of months when we were trying to get Claire used to sleeping in her crib. It glows and plays soothing music and Claire used to roll around with it until it turned off. Once it turned off, she went to sleep. Score!

Snail wooden toy: This is one of her favorite toys right now! She loves eating the string on it but also loves crawling around while holding the string and dragging it behind her.

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