1st Birthday Party


Claire’s 1st birthday party was a huge success! We spent months prepping for the party by crafting decorations, collecting supplies, and planning what needed to be done on the day of. After Claire went to bed every night, I would whip out another project and try to get as much done before I got the point where I just needed to relax with CJ. I’m really happy with how everything turned out.

A huge thanks to my mom for her help in getting ready for the party in advance and the day of, and to our friends and family who came over early to set up.

The theme was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” because I used to sing that to her to calm her down. Plus, it’s an adorable theme. 🙂

Here are a few photos of the event:


We had a little “Time Capsule” where people could write their predictions of what Claire will be when she grows up. We’ll have her open them when she turns 18 in 2032. The wands were party favors for the little girls.


I baked the cupcakes on the morning of and made all of the star cupcake toppers. They are double-sided so I had to cut quite a few stars. I frosted about a dozen of the cupcakes and then handed over the frosting duties so I could finish getting ready for the party.


I made the tassel garland for the high chair out of tissue paper and hand cut the ONE letters. A friend brought in an AMAZING printing machine that cut out the banner behind Claire’s high chair for me. It saved me hours of work.


I absolutely loved these sugar cookies!! One of our friends baked these delicious masterpieces in advance of the party.


We had lemonade, water, and beer for attendees. We decorated the cooler with stars to match the theme and had mason jars and striped straws for drinks.


I made a first year banner with a monthly photo for each month of her first year + a newborn photo. I also hand cut each of the stars in between. One of my favorite decorations from the event!


A close-up of the wand party favors. I tied on ribbon to make them extra special.


We used baby food jars for the party favors. CJ spray painted them with chalk paint to make them a uniform color, we filled them with Werthers candies, and I cut out a million more stars for the Thank You tags.


The entryway with another star banner that I made, our party favors, a beautiful flower arrangement made specially for the party, and a fun 1st birthday image of some of our favorite photos of Claire (from Shutterfly). Word of advice: Get a helium machine to blow up your balloons, if you have a bunch. It’s much more convenient and cost-effective.


Claire’s “smash cake”. I made the cake topper, bought the candle from Amazon, and baked her cake in the morning.

20150509_1472The food and dessert table. We originally planned on putting the cake in the middle of the two flower arrangements and on top of a really cool shelf that CJ made but we were worried the cake would melt. So, we kept it inside until the cake smash time and moved the frame in between the two flower arrangements. I made that banner too. 🙂

20150509_1449My other most favorite decoration. CJ made this in Adobe Illustrator and I absolutely love it! It’s filled with stats on Claire and a few of her favorite things. Such a fun keepsake.

For entertainment for the babies, we had a blow up kiddie pool filled with ball pit balls and a tunnel for them to crawl through. It was a hit!

And that was her birthday party!! We are sooo happy with how it went and now need a vacation to rest after all the prepping craziness and the busyness of last weekend.




First Birthday

Happy Birthday to our beautiful, happy, ridiculously adorable 1-year-old!!!

We can’t believe she’s already one year old and have no idea how time flew by so fast. At the same time, it seems like she was born forever ago. This last year has been a whirlwind of learning how to be parents and Claire growing to be an independent, silly, and loving little girl.

Here’s an overview of our little 1-year-old Claire:

  • Weight: She was 18 1/2 pounds on her birthday last Friday. She’s in the 30th percentile for weight so she’s a petite little one like her mama.
  • Loves:
    • Stuffed animals – she loves to give them hugs and open-mouthed kisses!
    • Playing under our kitchen table and chairs. It’s like her own fort.
    • Pushing furniture around the house. For her birthday, we got her a walker (since she loves pushing things around so much) and she is IN LOVE with it!!! I’d like to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done in the birthday present department. She played with it all day on her birthday and it looked like it may have been the best day of her life.
    • Balloons!
    • Playing peek-a-boo
    • To give big hugs while resting her head on us. My heart melts every time.
    • Finger foods – cheese still is her favorite food group but we can also give her pieces of what we’re eating and she loves being able to munch on what we’re having. Somehow, she likes red onions too. That’s a mystery to me since that’s my all-time LEAST favorite food.
    • Walking… everywhere!! Even though she can walk now, she also loves to hold our hands while walking around. It’s so sweet.
    • To share! She’ll hand us her toys or her food. She also thinks it’s hilarious to feed us.
Enjoying her birthday present from Mommy and Daddy

Enjoying her birthday present from Mommy and Daddy

  • Hates:
    • The seahorse. You know, the one that I mentioned was one of our baby essentials? Now, when the music comes on she starts crying and gets extremely upset.
  • Talents:
    • Walking!! She started walking 2 1/2 weeks ago and is so adorable!! A lot of people warned us to enjoy the time before she can walk because then, everything changes. Yes, everything changed but for the better. I love that she’s an independent little person now and I love hearing the pitter patter of her little footsteps and seeing her smiling face peek around the corner. I think this has been my favorite developmental change so far.
    • She points to things she wants and says “Dat”. We love that she can communicate with us now!
    • We can tell she understands us when we’re talking to her – we can say “What is that?” and she takes off in the opposite direction because she knows she has something she shouldn’t. Or we’ll say “I’m gonna get you” and she always charges toward us (she doesn’t quite get that we’re supposed to chase her 😉 ). I can also ask where Mickey or Winnie the Pooh is and she’ll go get them.

May 3

  • Sleeping:
    • For the last week (except for last night), she’s been sleeping through the night. This weekend was crazy busy with family in town for her birthday and Mother’s Day so we expected her sleep schedule to be impacted a bit. Even so, she did incredibly well.
    • Lately, Claire has been waking up from her second nap in a crabby mood. She always wakes up from her first nap as happy as can be but not so much from her second. It’s pretty funny because I’m just as crabby when I wake up from naps in the afternoon. Like mother, like daughter. 😉
  • Other Random Facts:
    • We had her birthday party on Saturday and it was so fun! I’ll do a post on that specifically. It was so wonderful to have so many of our family and friends come to celebrate Claire’s first birthday (and us surviving the first year of parenthood, yay us!). We are the luckiest people in the world to have such a great support system. Huge thanks to all of our family and friends that came early to help set up for the party!
    • On her birthday, we had a lot of errands to run to prep for her party but we made sure to have our own little celebration complete with present opening, a cupcake, and plenty of play time. Claire is happiest when she can run around and play so we made sure that was at the top of our priority list for the day. We purposely kept it low  key because we knew the rest of the weekend was going to be super busy.
A good example of how Claire felt about having frosting all over her hands - she HATED it.

A good example of how Claire felt about having frosting all over her hands – she HATED it. She’s holding it together pretty well in this photo. She had a meltdown when we took her to clean her off.

And that’s our little one year old! We are absolutely loving this stage and love her newfound independence that came with walking. We can’t believe we are now parents of a TODDLER!! How did that happen?!?!