It’s About Time

For the longest time, we’ve had an adorable clock and two metal decorative thingies (that’s a technical term) to hang on the wall by our kitchen table. Even though we knew we loved them and bought them for that space, we haven’t been able to pull the trigger on hanging them because we knew something was missing.

Chantal Oval Vertical Iron Clock from Cost Plus World Market

We searched high and low for the right art pieces to compliment what we already had with no luck until recently. I did my usual daily peruse on Joss & Main and saw this set of 4 gorgeous framed prints that spoke to me:

Lynette Framed Print from Joss & Main

When I saw them, I immediately fell in love with them so I sent them to CJ and asked what he thought of hanging them up in our office. Luckily, he came up with the much better idea of hanging those in the kitchen with our other items that were patiently waiting for their big debut on the kitchen wall. I immediately ordered them because I was so incredibly excited for them and then patiently awaited their arrival. They came in a couple days ago and last night we finally hung them. We are so in love with the final result and it looks even better than we imagined!


Kitchen Art

Kitchen Art 2

Pictures definitely don’t do them justice. The effect can only be fully appreciated in person. 🙂

As far as how we hung them, we followed our previous method of laying them out on the floor to map out how we wanted them to be arranged and then traced the layout onto a white piece of paper, hung it onto the wall, and nailed in the designated places. It worked out well again!

Have you put something to use recently that you bought ages ago? Doesn’t it just feel amazing?!?