21 Months Old!


Cutie playing with her Snapo toys

Hello there! Long time no talk. We have been beyond busy lately and we are ready for life to slow down. Then again, we see no signs of that happening.

I’m starting to feel a little silly when people ask us how old Claire is and I respond with, “21 months.” I might be abandoning the months soon and just saying “almost 2.”

Anyway, here’s a summary of Claire lately:

  • Weight: 24.7 pounds. She’s gained a pound a month the last couple of months. Great weight gain!
  • Loves:
    • To take her baby on walks with her little purse either hanging on the stroller (just like Mommy) or hanging in the fold of her arm. Toooo cute.
    • To drive in her red coupe.
    • To cuddle with blankets.
    • To tickle Daddy – she thinks it’s hilarious!
    • Trucks and planes. Every time she hears one drive past our house or she thinks she hears a plane fly by, she says, “See?” because she wants to be taken out to see it.
    • Daycare!! She absolutely loves going to daycare every morning. We bring her in, wash her hands, she gives me a kiss, and then walks off to go play. She’ll say, “Bye Mommy” and “Good day” (her version of “Have a good day”) and then she’s off! No fuss or anything. It’s wonderful.
    • To play with her Snapo toys, they are like Legos but much cooler because you have more freedom in how they snap together.
    • To read books. She’ll sit down and read for a while in her little chair.
    • To color with markers and crayons.
    • To go on bike rides – she went on her first ride on January 31st in her little trailer from Nana and Papa and loved it!!
    • Bubbles!
    • To give high fives.
    • Sophia the First!! She calls her “Princess”.
    • To say goodnight to Zoe. She insists upon giving her a hug and saying “ni-night” before she’s willing to go to sleep.
    • Her tiny blue stuffed bear who she calls “Booey”. She has to sleep with him every night. He’s getting a little less blue these days, poor guy. 🙂
    • Her blankie that I crocheted for her before she was born.
    • The book Click Clack Moo, Cows that Type.

20160206_0093_edit 20160206_0111_edit

  • Hates:
    • Being told what to do. She is a girl with an opinion and knows what she wants. 😉
    • When she can’t have yogurt. It’s a full on meltdown.
  • Talents:
    • Talking!! She talks sooo much now. She tries to repeat everything we say and now says little phrases like: “I did it!”, “I don’t like it”, “I tried it”, “Thank you Mommy, thank you Daddy” and “I seed it”. I just love hearing everything new that she says!!! Her little voice is the absolute best.
    • She can count to 10! The first time she did it was on January 16. She had been saying “1…2..” and then on that day, she randomly said “5…6…7…8”. Later, I was telling my mom about it and then Claire said right after, “9…10!”. I was so surprised! So I asked her to help me count and I started with 1 and she counted with me every other number until we reached 10. It was amazing!!


  • Sleeping:
    • Goes to sleep around 8 and wakes up anytime between 5:30 and 7. She has really been trying to sleep in our bed lately and, because I’m a big softy, I’m having trouble saying no every time. I’m working on it because we’d rather have her sleep in her bed. I get a little desperate after the third time she’s woken us up and just want some sleep so I end up bringing her in. It’s a weakness that I’m trying to work on.
First bike ride!

First bike ride!

  • Other Random Facts:
    • When I ask her to do something that she doesn’t want to do, she says “No please”
    • She has no problem telling us to move if she wants us out of the way. She’ll say “Daddy move” and “Mommy move”. With that being said, she is very polite.
    • I gave her hair her first trim yesterday (February 12) because it was looking a little unkempt. And, while she can rock the mullet, I think it was becoming toooo mullet-y. I’m so happy I did it because her hair looks much healthier and fuller.
    • She is totally a mini-me. We can’t believe how similar her personality is to mine!
    • Potty training is still happening. I’m not sure what people mean by saying that they’ve potty trained their child in 3 days but what we’ve learned it’s a process and you have to be consistent. When she’s distracted, she’s more likely to have an accident. We now have to pay more attention to when she last went and anticipate when it might happen. We might spend  another weekend solely focused on potty training just to reinforce it.
    • She has pink eye right now and has had a cold the last month or so. It seems to be never-ending and we just want her to feel better soon.

20160208_0026_edit 20160208_0032_edit

This is such a fun age right now!! We especially love hearing her talk and say new words. Only 3 more months until she’s TWO!!!

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