First Birthday Photos

To say I’m obsessed with these photos would be an understatement. A million thank yous to our photographer, Shawnee, for capturing these moments.

Part of me wants to plaster them over every wall in our house, or make a book out of them, or… I don’t even know, the possibilities are endless!!

Below are some of my favorites. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them.

We are so in love with our beautiful little girl and these photos definitely show that!

3 thoughts on “First Birthday Photos

  1. All of these photos are absolutely amazing! Incredibly beautiful, sweet and loving. I would love to have one I can frame.
    Love, Sheila

  2. I’d like to put my order in for these photos … in a book … in a collage … whatever you feel would be the best … I’m not picky!!!

  3. I love all of them but I especially love the one with Claire standing on the chair and the one directly above it. Her facial expressions are too much! And Grandma’s house is about to be filled with photos of her precious granddaughter…people will forget she even had children 😉

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