10 Months Old!

Claire 10 Months

Today Claire is officially 10 months old! The past month has been quite eventful for Claire – she now has 4 more teeth (for a total of 6), enjoys eating solid food (woohoo!), and laughs all the time (finally!!!!).

Here’s a summary of 10 month old Claire:

  • Weight: We think she might be around 17 or 18 pounds. She’s been growing slowly the past few months because she’s so incredibly active and burns calories like it’s no one’s business. Now that she’s been more consistent with her solid food eating, we think she’s gained more weight. We’re going to schedule a nurse visit in the next couple of weeks to check in on her weight (suggested by the doctor at her 9 months visit – not because he was concerned but because he could tell we were interested in making sure she is gaining enough weight).
Hugs for Zoe

Hugs for Zoe

  • Loves:
    • To give her stuffed animals and Zoe hugs. It’s sooooo adorable!
    • When we hold her like an airplane, and run around to chase Zoe. She giggles like crazy.
    • Being tickled. Well, I’m not positive she loves it but she does giggle!
    • A few of her stuffed animals:
      • A little pink bear that came with a bouquet of flowers from one of her aunties when she was born. This bear is her first love in the stuffed animal world. She grabs it, holds it up to her cheek like she’s hugging it, and scoots around in circles. It’s SO adorable.
      • She also loves her new Winnie the Pooh bear. She gives him bigs hugs and rolls around on the ground with him.
      • And lastly, a singing dog from her grandpa which, when the music comes on, she bounces up and down out of excitement and then gives her a hug.
    • Eating solid food now and she enjoys our homemade baby food now! Score! We were beginning to think there was something wrong with our cooking but, it turns out, she just has high standards. 🙂
    • Laughing and giggling all the time. Sometimes, she’ll just crawl around the house at warp speed and giggle non-stop.
    • A farm animal toy set. She loves shaking all the pieces out of the bucket and then putting them in her mouth. She also gets so excited when it starts playing music.
    • To drop things on the floor on purpose, especially when in her high chair. Zoe has learned that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 😉
    • To sit on her knees. She’ll also lift up one leg to prop herself up (like she’s about to propose).
    • Pulling herself up to stand on Zoe’s food container and banging on it like it’s a drum set. She starts giggling and smiling huge. She’ll also, while standing, transfer herself over to the oven (which is right next to the food container) and slap both hands on the oven over and over again because she can see her reflection. For all you worrywarts out there, the oven is off when this happens.
    • Getting her teeth brushed!
    • Walking around with assistance (we hold her hands)
Hugging Pooh Bear

Hugs for Winnie the Pooh

  • Hates:
    • When things are taken away from her. She screams REALLY loud, briefly, to let us know it’s not okay.
  • Talents:
    • She finally thinks Mommy and Daddy are funny! We’re now in the cool kids club with Zoe, since Zoe was her only form of comedy for the past few months.
    • She babbles all the time now and is quite talkative. She can also say “Mama” and “Dada”. We swear that she’s close to saying “Duck” but we might be imagining it.
    • She can do the sign language for milk. It’s sooo awesome for her to have that talent because we now know exactly when she wants me to nurse her.
    • She understands what we’re saying more and more. When she picks something off of the floor, we’ll ask her what she has in her hands and she quickly crawls off so she can keep it. She’s a sneaky little one. She also knows when I say milk and does not appreciate it when I say it and do not immediately nurse.
    • She can stand on her own for 2, 3, maybe 4 seconds. Once she realizes she is, she lowers herself down and crawls off. We think she’s quite content with crawling everywhere for the time being.
  • Sleeping:
    • She is a pro at sleeping now! She’ll go down to sleep for naps and for the night without a fight (okay, maybe once in a while she complains for a few minutes). We have the perfect routine for bedtime which I think has made things so much easier too. We feed her about 4 ounces of solid food, give her a bath, put her in her PJs and sleep sack, I nurse her, and then I put her down in her crib. Sometimes she’s awake, sometimes she’s already asleep, but either way she stays asleep until the morning… most of the time. There are a few occasions where she’s woken up in the middle of the night but it’s not too frequent.
  • Other Random Facts:
    • When she’s focusing on something, she likes to stick out her tongue. It’s hilarious!
    • We took her in a shopping cart for the first time today in Costco and then in Safeway. She had a BLAST!!! She even bounced and danced a little in Costco because she was so excited.
    • She’s slowly growing more hair!
    • Her top two teeth came in a few weeks ago and they have a huge gap in between each other. It’s SO adorable when she smiles. The two bordering those teeth came in a week or so later. The first time she bit into one of her puffs and realized she has her top teeth, she looked so surprised.

Claire February 25

And that’s a little bit about our adorable bundle of joy. She brings a smile to everyone’s face, especially ours. We love her so so much and are loving our moments shared together as a family.

If you made it to end of this post, I’m impressed! I clearly have a lot to say about Claire.

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