4 Months Old!

Claire 4 Months

Ummm hello! Didn’t I just write Claire’s 3 month update?!?! Time keeps going by faster and faster, I can barely keep up!

I feel like I start this post the same every time but we are falling more and more in love with Claire. She is so cute and adorable that we can’t get enough of her. She is constantly making us smile.

Here’s the rundown on 4 month old Claire:

  • Weight: 13 pounds 3 ounces – as of her 4 month birthday, September 8.
  • Loves: Seeing herself in the mirror, hanging out on her tummy, eating her fist and fingers, and Sophie la giraffe (teething toy).  She gets soo happy when Zoe is around and is truly fascinated by her.  We got her one of those keys teething toys and she loves it. We give it to her when we’re in the car and I always tell her when I’m putting her in the carseat, “Don’t forget your keys. We’ll need those to drive!”. 🙂 She also loves hanging out in the baby carrier facing out. Which also means, she does not enjoy the Moby Wrap anymore. She’s interested in seeing what’s going on and does not enjoy having to stare at our chests. She still loves to talk a bunch which is the cutest thing in the whole world. She also loves grabbing the pacifier loop and taking it out of her mouth to wave it around. I don’t know why but I’m so entertained by seeing her hold her pacifier. It’s so cute seeing her hold things. Okay you caught me, everything she does is the cutest thing in the whole world.
  • Hates: Baths! Oh dear does she hate them. If you were in another room when we’re trying to give Claire a bath, you would think we’re torturing her. Poor girl is not a fan. We really want to bring her in the pool but I’m afraid she’s going to scream bloody murder. She really is the happiest baby except when she’s hungry, tired, or… you guessed it, getting a bath.
  • Talents: She’s started to reach out for things which means she once in a while gets a handful of Zoe’s hair and she grabbed Zoe’s nose the other day. Zoe looked so surprised but handled it very well. Such a good puppy. When Claire’s on her tummy, she’ll get up on her knees and try to move. We think scooting is in her near future. She just recently discovered her feet and loves holding them whenever she’s laying on her back. I don’t know why, but I was so excited for her to discover her feet so I’m very entertained by this new talent. It’s sooo adorable. It made taking the picture this month a little more challenging though because that, combined with her rolling over, made her a moving target!
  • Sleeping: Sleeping hasn’t changed much. We’re trying to put her down a bit earlier now (around 9pm) and I know that’s late for some people but she does not appreciate being put down before that. She reacts in a way that makes us think she’s saying, “What the heck! I thought we were having so much fun and now you want me to sleep!?!?”. Once we put her down, she wakes up once or twice if her pacifier falls out so we’ll put it back in and then she generally sleeps until 4:30am. Not too shabby! Oh and, I don’t want to jinx it, but three nights in the last week she slept the WHOLE night. Meaning, from about 9pm to 6:30am. To say it was glorious is an understatement.
  • Other Random Facts:
    • She is the queen of drooling. I really don’t know how such a tiny individual can produce so much drool. Like I said last month, we think she’s teething. No sign of any teeth popping out yet though.
    • Have other mom’s had people ask you if your baby is a good eater? I think that’s the strangest question but I get it all the time. Yes, she enjoys eating…What else do I say? And she is still exclusively being breastfed.
    • Our doctor gave us the go-ahead to feed her solids. He recommended starting with rice cereal so we might be doing that soon. We haven’t decided exactly when we’ll start but probably soon. She’s so interested in watching us eat now which is one of the signs they tell you to look for when they’re ready.
    • She falls asleep in the car whenever we drive somewhere so if we run a lot of errands in one weekend or drive a couple hours somewhere, it totally throws off her schedule. It’s almost as if she gets jetlag… except without the jet. She sleeps way longer than normal the next few days and is very lethargic. We’re going to try to avoid any long driving trips as much as possible because it really screws her up.

Other than that, I’m reminded every day how lucky I am to be the mommy of such a little angel. She really is the best.

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