3 Months Old!

3 Months

Claire turned 3 months old on Friday, August 8th! She is changing and learning so much every day. CJ and I really can’t get enough of her and we find ourselves saying, “She’s so cute” approximately a million times a day. She keeps us laughing and smiling constantly and is such a joy to be around.

As far as how Claire is at 3 months old, here’s the lowdown:

  • Weight: We’ll know her exact weight when we go in for her next checkup on Monday the 18th so I’m not positive how much she weighs. I’m guessing she’s a little over 12 pounds but don’t quote me on that. Our scale at home is not too accurate so we just have to wait until the next doctor visit.
  • Loves: Tummy time and rolling over. Now that she can roll over, she spends most of her time hanging out on her tummy. She also loves eating her fist and talking. I’m guessing we’ll need unlimited minutes for her cell phone when she gets one (in a million years) because she’s quite a talker already. I take SO many videos of her talking because I can’t get enough and want to hear it all the time. I wish I could know what she is saying. She still loves standing and is very curious so she likes to be held facing out so she can see all the action. She also loves being outside, ceiling fans, her BabyBjorn chair, and her burp rags. It’s so funny how she’s gotten attached to her burp rags but we can only assume it’s because she always has one near her for any spit up emergencies and they probably smell like us.
  • Hates: Not being fed on time. She likes to eat every 2 hours and 15 minutes on the dot and she will DEFINITELY tell us even if we’re a minute late. I’m not sure who gave her a watch but she’s quite amazing at telling how long it’s been!
  • Talents: Rolling over! She LOVES it so much. If we put her to bed and she’s not drowsy enough, she immediately roll over to her tummy and have a little party in her crib talking. I can’t even tell you how cute it is to walk into her room and see her adorable little face looking up at us.
  • Sleeping: She now sleeps in her crib, yay! We started putting her in her crib around 2 weeks ago and it’s been going pretty well. As far as how long she sleeps, it varies. If we’ve had a busy day and she hasn’t gotten any solid naps, she gets overtired and tends to wake up more. Other nights, she’ll sleep for 7 straight hours. Those are the nights we look forward to. 😉
  • Other Random Facts:
    • She gets really smiley when she first sees me or CJ. She loves her mommy and daddy. 🙂
    • She is starting to fall asleep when we’re driving again. She went through a phase where she didn’t like it but now she’s okay with it. She’ll hang out and talk for a while, suck on her fist, and then pass out.
    • We think she’s teething because she is drooling constantly. She also gets upset sometimes and we can only assume it’s from the teething pain because feeding, changing her diaper, and trying to put her to sleep doesn’t help.
    • She’s getting more and more interested in Zoe which is so cute. She stares at her and occasionally smiles when Zoe runs past her.
    • I started work again this week and everything is going pretty well. I definitely cried on Day 1 though… multiple times.

4 thoughts on “3 Months Old!

  1. I love these updates. They present such a vivid picture of Claire’s progress as she experiences and enjoys the world around her. You have been blessed with a very perfect little girl! Of course she has been blessed with incredibly wonderful loving parents!

    • Thanks Sheila! I have a feeling I’ll be very thankful for writing these monthly updates, it will be fun to look back on how much she’s changed each month. 🙂 And I agree, she is the perfect little girl!

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