Belated Housewarming

We (and by we, I mean me – I take all the blame for this) majorly procrastinated when it came to planning our housewarming party. In a week, we will have been homeowners for exactly a year but we finally got around to throwing a housewarming party a week and a half ago. Why did it take so long? Well, I know some people still have housewarming parties when they’re  living out of boxes but I really wanted the house to be as close to complete as possible. I know, nothing is ever complete but I at least wanted the house to be fully furnished. I also wanted to make sure that when people saw our house for the first time, they really got a feel for what our home felt like. We’ve changed so much of our house in the past year that it doesn’t even feel like the same space, so I’m actually glad we waited so long to have everyone over.

We kept picking dates and then moving them out because I wouldn’t get around to sending out an invite when, finally, CJ’s boss insisted upon us throwing a party. That night, we sent out the invite. I guess we needed that extra push to make it official. 🙂

The party went really well – we had a lot more people come than we expected for the Sunday before Thanksgiving and had fun showing off all our hard work. For drinks, we served a white sangria (had to make sure there weren’t any spills on the carpet!), beer, citrus water, tea, and white wine. We also had a large selection of food – mini-weenies in the crock pot, croissant sandwiches, cheese and cracker platter, fresh baked cupcakes, fruit salad, and a few more items.

I wish we took more photos during the party but these will give you a good general idea of how it went.

Housewarming table

Our food!

Housewarming drinks

Sangria, citrus water, and tea


CJ & Friends


It was definitely a success and we’re so glad we finally got around to throwing the party!

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