Landscaping Plans

We are getting ready to start working on our front yard! Both the front and back need a ton of work but we’re going to take it one step at a time. We really need to work on the curb appeal of our house because the outside is nowhere near an indication of how adorable the inside of our house is.

We had a landscape designer come over a couple of months ago to draw up plans for the front and back of our house and we love what she came up with. Here’s what the plans look like:

We told her that we wanted a traditional theme to the plants because we want the yard to feel cozy and inviting. She really did a great job incorporating what we asked for! When we’re ready to start planting the flowers, we just give her a heads up and they will deliver it all, place it where it needs to go, and then we plant it ourselves! We are so excited and hope that we have a few volunteers to help us get it done quickly. Free lunch provided for anyone who wants to help ๐Ÿ™‚

But before we can get started on the plants, we need to add the lawn. We’re currently getting estimates from several people to level out the yard (it’s all over the place after removing the bricks from the front), mayyyybe do irrigation (although we might opt to water the lawn ourselves to save some moola), and then install the grass. Because it’s going to be curved, we think it might be easier to have someone else do that part for us.

Our bare front yard – the bricks in the very front are now gone!

Once we tackle the front yard, we’ll move to the backyard which is in some serious need of love and care. It’s a Kansas wasteland as CJ mentioned which is good, because that means it’s a blank slate and not riddled with weeds… but bad, because that means it’s not very inviting. Another thing that we need to do in the backyard before we start working on the landscaping is the fence. It is at the end of its life and needs to be completely replaced, which is an expensive project. Hence, we are taking our time and saving up for that.

Stay tuned for updates on the yard! We hope to have the front yard finished by the time we have our housewarming party.

6 thoughts on “Landscaping Plans

  1. Cant wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!! Only wish I lived closer to help you plant flowers. A little bit of motherly advice though – I would definitely reconsider your thoughts on sprinklers! You're soooooooooooooo going to want them!!! xoxo

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