Flashback Friday

One of the reasons why I love home improvement shows and blogs so much are because I LOVE seeing the before and after. It is soooo gratifying to see the difference!

Because of that, I knew that we needed to take “before” pictures of our house especially because we planned on making a ton of changes to the house. But somehow in the whirlwind that was our house buying/renovating/moving process… we never took any pictures. Well, I guess that’s not completely true, we did take pictures of the kitchen before it was ripped out but we didn’t take any pictures of the bedrooms, office, or living room until after the floor was sanded and we were painting the room.

I went on a hunt tonight to see if I could find the photos that were posted online when our house was listed and thankfully, I was able to find them online. Here’s what the house looked like when we first visited it:


Another angle of the backyard (with the brick planter box that CJ had to tear out)

Guest bathroom (only change here is we have a shower curtain)

Guest bedroom (obviously big changes here)

The kitchen – can you believe the difference!??! 

Another view of the kitchen 
Formal living room

Another angle of the formal living room (that’s the front door)

Master bedroom (no changes here)

Master bedroom (clearly this looks completely different) 

TV/Entertainment Room

I love looking at these photos because it reminds me how much we’ve accomplished in the past 6 months as homeowners! I can’t wait to see what other changes we make in the next 6 months.
Here’s a brief recap of what we’ve been able to check off our “to-do” list:
  1. Remodeled the kitchen – This is one item on the list but this was a 2-month project complete with choosing custom cabinets, buying appliances, choosing the hardware, buying the granite, picking out the sink, deciding on the layout, picking the wall color. Everything is brand new!
  2. Put baseboards in the entire house
  3. Sanded and refinished the floors
  4. Expanded the master closet to a walk-in
  5. Painted the kitchen, TV/entertainment room, office, guest room, and master bedroom
  6. Hung photos in the master and guest bedroom
  7. Ripped out all the plants in the front yard
  8. Ripped out the brick planter and hedges in the backyard 
  9. Furnished the house
  10. Started to decorate the rooms
  11. And so many more small things šŸ™‚
Homeownership is not easy but it’s gratifying and SO worth it. šŸ™‚

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