One Step Closer

Two weekends ago, my parents came over for dinner at our house and after my mom did her usual “inspection” of the house to see what’s changed, she turned to me and said, “You really need to start hanging some pictures.” Man, is that the truth! I knew that was the reason why we still didn’t feel fully moved in. I completely agreed with her so my goal for last weekend was to hang all the frames that we bought a few weeks ago.

First up, the master bedroom! I would have to say that the hardest part of hanging picture frames is figuring out what pictures to put in the frames. We went through a ton of our engagement and wedding pictures and chose three – one of us holding hands in our engagement photos, one of our wedding date from our engagement photos, and one of us holding hands on our wedding day. We wanted to keep it simple and thought that these ones were really sweet and romantic.

Hanging these frames wasn’t too difficult but it was a lot more difficult than the method we used in the guest room (to be talked about in a later post). The hardest part is making sure that you’re nailing everything in the right place especially since I’m a perfectionist and will notice if something is even a 1/2 inch off.

Here’s a before and after:

Anddddd here’s a close up of the photos above the bed:

One thing I’ve learned throughout this house process is that it really is a process. You can’t just move in and have everything set up and decorated the next day (unless you have superpowers). It’s really not possible and, even if it was, it’s better to take your time. It’s so much more gratifying to enjoy the process of picking out the decorative items and to see the house come together step by step. I LOVE seeing how one day the guest room is just a bed and then the next day, after just a few pillows, it’s a bedroom. (More on this in another post!)

And last but not least, CJ, my mom, and I participated in the Silicon Valley Kidney Walk on June 1 in support of our wonderful friend Sheila. Go Team Fred!

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