Hello June!

Oh man, May really did a number on us. 3/4 weekends in May were spent traveling.

The first weekend, I flew to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party. The second weekend, we flew to Chicago for my sister-in-law’s college graduation. The third weekend, we went to a fundraiser for one of my coworkers in Fremont. The last weekend, we flew to NYC to visit one of our friend’s that lives in the East Village. Sooo much traveling but sooo much fun at the same time. I have to admit, I am SO happy to be home to relax, catch up on sleep, and work on the house.

CJ and I at the Natural History Museum in NYC
CJ’s one request was to see the T-Rex behind us 🙂

While I was in Las Vegas, CJ pulled out all of the plants in our front yard (which is a HUGE job). Our amazing neighbor helped CJ by tying the hedges to the back of his truck and pulling them out with a bit of horsepower. It definitely saved a ton of time! We’re so lucky to have such helpful neighbors.

It looks so naked right now but it’s going to look so amazing when it’s all done!! We had a landscape designer come over 2 weeks ago to look at our yard and do a mockup of the landscaping. We absolutely love what she came up with so now we just need to figure out when we’ll do all this planting. (Now’s the time that we would love a ton of volunteers to help us with this!! **Hint hint nudge nudge**)

Here’s what our yard looked like before:

Our house in February
And here’s what it looks like without all the hedges:
Our house yesterday 🙂
It’s so much more open without the hedges! We can’t wait to start planting and making the front of the house more cozy. In the meantime, we’re just excited we don’t have to accidentally walk through a spiderweb that appeared overnight in between those hedges.
Other than that, we’re slowly starting to get frames and decorative items for the house but it’s is a veryyyy slow process. We want to make sure we make the right decision for each item so we’re definitely taking our time.
I’ll try to be better about posting this month now that we aren’t traveling as much!! I’ll try to do a recap of our trips to Chicago and New York!

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