What Have We Been Up To?

Wow, lately we’ve been slacking a bit on the blog updates. I’d like to say there was a good excuse for not posting in the last two weeks but, the truth of the matter is that we really haven’t had much to talk about. We took a break from making changes to the house for a couple of weeks.

Two weekends ago, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by going on a brew crawl in downtown Pleasanton which was a ton of fun! Because Pleasanton doesn’t really have that many bars, 27 of the local businesses opened up their doors for the brew crawl and they each served a different type of beer along with a snack. We’ve been meaning to go to downtown Pleasanton to explore since it’s so adorable so this was the perfect opportunity to see all of the cute little shops. We also went our ring bearer’s 2nd birthday party, and wine tasting in Napa! It was a busy weekend but so much fun.

Last Saturday, we bought a table lamp for our nightstand from Cost Plus World Market. CJ and I like to read in bed at night before going to sleep and we always hated having to climb out of the warm bed to shut off the lights, so having a lamp in arm’s reach is pretty amazing. Not to mention, it’s extremely adorable. I’ll post a picture of the lamp soon, just need to upload it from my camera. Next up for our bedroom – picking some photos to frame and hang above the bed. I think it would be nice to use some of our wedding photos.

Last Sunday, we worked on cleaning up the backyard, the front yard, and scrubbing down the entire house. We also FINALLY found an entertainment center to house the millions of cords and electronics that have been living on the floor for the past month. It’s been driving me nuts to see all the clutter sitting on the floor so I can’t wait for it to be delivered!! Our furniture guy told us that it will be delivered this week, woo hoo!

Our new entertainment center!
Once we have that delivered, we’re going to pick out some curtains to hang up on either side of the fireplace. That will soften up the area and hide the outlets that are in random areas of the wall.

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