Master Bedroom

Last week was a busy week at work and at home so we took a little time off from blogging to rest. This weekend was quite productive and we’re really proud of the progress we’ve made.
Here’s a few things that we were able to check off our list:
  1. Hang the curtains in the master bedroom
  2. Wash, iron, and put on the guest room bedding
  3. Make a shadow box of my bridal bouquet (saving this for another post)
  4. Bought an adorable centerpiece for our kitchen table
  5. Increased our internet speed (it’s been extremely slow the past week so CJ spent many hours on the phone with Comcast trying to fix it)
  6. Organized the garage
  7. Parked our car in the garage for the first time!!
  8. Unpacked a few more boxes
We’re still looking for furniture for the formal living room. We haven’t quite found something that we’re madly in love with that’s also a good price.
We’re pretty excited about how the curtains look in the bedroom, it totally makes the wall look more interesting and we’re happy to have all the curtain rod supplies off the floor and off our dresser.
Here’s what the window looked like before (excuse the temporary blinds, we haven’t chosen blinds for the house yet but these are still pretty nifty):
And here’s what it looks like now, so much better!
We bought the curtains at IKEA for a great price (can’t remember what that was right now) and we bought the curtain rod from Bed, Bath, & Beyond with one of our gift cards that we received from the wedding. It makes the room so much more inviting and cozy, we love it.
Here’s a few more shots of our bedroom:
Our adorable “T” pillow and bedding from Pottery Barn

Shot of the window, bed, chest, and cozy rug for our feet
We have several more things to do for this room before we consider it done. 
  1. Shorten the curtains a bit
  2. We want to print some of our wedding photos for the walls and get some nice artwork as well. I take forever to decide what to hang up and where to hang it so who knows when that will happen. 
  3. Get a lamp for the nightstand
  4. Some type of decorations to put on the chest
That’s all I can think of right now but I’m sure there will be more added to the list.
One of our engagement photos on the nightstnad

One thought on “Master Bedroom

  1. Your bedroom is definitely coming together – very nicely, I might add! Love all that you got accomplished this week/weekend! It's always HUGE progress when you can get your car in the garage – yippee!!!

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