TV, Couches, & More!

Our entertainment/family room (we can’t decide what to call it) is slowly coming together! Our TV was delivered early last week and installed at the end of this week and it’s AMAZING! It’s 55 inches of pure beauty and fits perfectly above the fireplace.

On Valentine’s Day, our couches, coffee table, and side table were delivered and it finally feels like a room. The furniture fits in the room so perfectly and looks amazing!

We’re going to get blinds for the rooms but need to decide which kinds so we’ve thrown these $5 blinds up over the windows in the meantime. Those blinds are a lifesaver so if you ever move into a house and don’t have any blinds, go to Bed Bath and Beyond (or even home improvement stores like Lowe’s) and you can find these for $4.99. We were stressing out over what curtains to buy for our front room because we needed to cover up those windows before moving our belongings into the house but my mom came up with the genious idea of sticking these up onto the windows and Voila! our windows are covered and we can take more time to pick out the curtains we love.

The coffee table is super functional because it has 2 drawers for us to store items in. That was CJ’s top requirement for the coffee table and I’m glad he was so insistent upon us finding one with drawers because it’s so useful!

Another view of the coffee table so you can see the drawers

The “To Do” list still has several items left before we feel like this room is done:
  • Couches
  • Coffee Table
  • Side Table
  • TV
  • Colorful pillows for the couches
  • Curtains for either side of the TV (this will cover up the plugs to the side of the fireplace and make the wall more dramatic)
  • Blinds
  • Artwork
  • Entertainment Center (so we can remove the cable box, Wii, Xbox, and DVD player from the floor)
  • … and then any other decorative items that we like for this room 🙂

3 thoughts on “TV, Couches, & More!

  1. Emmy, you can totally sew some pillows. Super, super simple and Joann's has pillow inserts, so no stuffing. That way you can find the perfect fabric because sometimes finding that "one" thing in the store becomes more difficult than expected.Looks good, btw.

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