Moving In!

We have been so busy with moving that we haven’t had the time to give you a little update on how everything is going (plus, we don’t have internet in the house yet). Here’s what’s happened since we last posted:

We rented a U-Haul on Saturday and loaded it up with all the large items (washer, dryer, bedroom furniture, chair, bikes, surfboard) to bring over to the house. We also had a mini-caravan of my car, my mom’s car, and my parent’s SUV filled with items. And no, that did not hold all of our belongings. I still have all the boxes in my closet (various items like office supplies, yearbooks, etc) that I need to bring over to the house. I want to wait until the first load is all unpacked before taking over more stuff. We stayed up until midnight on Saturday setting up our bed and then headed back to my parents house to sleep since we didn’t bring all of our stuff over.

On Sunday, our beautiful kitchen table, set of 6 chairs, and buffet were delivered!! Oh my are they beautiful. Here’s a picture of the table (excuse the iPhone photo).

Missing one chair in the photo but it’s so beautiful!

I’ll post a picture of the beautiful buffet once we have it in place.

Then, my superhero best friend Lauren and her fiance Danny came over and helped us start to unpack. Lauren and I worked on the kitchen while CJ and Danny worked on setting up the washer/dryer, moving some furniture, and breaking down boxes. We made a HUGE dent in the boxes thanks to them. After they left, we cleaned up the entertainment room, vacuumed, set up the bedroom more, washed our sheets and towels,  and ran a few loads in the dishwasher. Sunday was our first night sleeping in the house (exactly 2 months after we closed!) and it was glorious! It really feels like a home now and it feels so natural to be there.

I just love the house SO much that I can’t wait to get home every night to set more things up. Tomorrow the couches will be delivered and hopefully the cable and internet will be set up. Woo hoo!

I’ll try to post about our magical new closet tomorrow, I’m pretty obsessed!

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