Hi Hoe, Hi Shovel, Bye Brick

With the sample spots applied to the walls of the three rooms we decided that the colors were just too light. So back to the paint store CJ went again this time with what we were sure would be good colors…The color for the master bedroom came out something of a goldish color and since we aren’t into the whole “living like kings in our solid 24k gold room” we decided we will try again on that one. The new color we chose for the guest room may have a little too much blue in it but we still are not 100% sure because the light was still out in that room. But the new color chosen for the office was great. So we’re .3333333333 for color choices now (two left), and I will be heading back to the paint store for round three tomorrow.

The kitchen continues to improve little by little. Most of the granite tops are now on the existing cabinets except for the cabinet we are still waiting for. It’s beautiful. The oven is also in so we’re thinking about baking a cake or something. I mean we don’t really need all the other stuff in the kitchen, right? We also have a sink so someone can clean dishes (we cook, you clean…pleeeaase). Although you’ll have to bucket-in the water because we’re short a faucet.  The kitchen is also being re-textured and painted this week.

The heater was finally fixed on Monday so the floors can now acclimate and then be sanded to a nice baby bottom smoothness later this week.

Now for the small bites. The contractors were working on installing an outlet over the fireplace to plug in the tv, and they found some termite damage on one beam. ARGHHHHHH! They tore out a little further and didn’t find much more thankfully. So with the beams replaced and wall stitched up, I had some work to do in the backyard. Apparently the little devils were sneaking in through the large brick flower bed that was behind the house. So, of course that means bye bye bricks. It took me one evening to tear out all the man eating plants growing in the bed. And then today I knocked most of the bricks out with one fell swoop of my mighty, borrowed, SLEDGE HAMMER, thanks to Bob.

Tomorrow will bring the end of the bricks and some new colors to the bedrooms, as well as a daring sweatshirt rescue, Emily left her jacket at the house. Current casting calls for supporting painters, brick movers and general lookie-loos are now open. Appointments and final decisions will be made next year, I mean month, I mean week. It’s off to work we go.

2 thoughts on “Hi Hoe, Hi Shovel, Bye Brick

  1. Loving your posts, CJ. You are cracking me up! I see I taught you well: “I cook, you do the dishes”! And, just dying to know who will be testing this “nice baby bottom smoothness”??

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