Slowly Moving Along

Not much has happened with the house over the past few days. Something always seems to come up that slows down the project even more so we’re dealing with those hiccups at the moment.

I think the cabinets are being delivered today since today will be one of the only dry days for a while. We don’t anticipate that they’ll get put in for another week or so though.

The termite people are coming over next week to spray so it will be nice to check that box off before we move in! woo hoo!

We also bought our light fixtures for the bedrooms, office, and for above the kitchen table. We absolutely love them and can’t wait to see them all set up in the house!

What’s up next for the house? We’re still searching for a bed set and kitchen table and once that’s done, we’ll feel a lot better about the furniture shopping. Those are really the only remaining pieces of furniture that we’d like to have lined up and ready to go when we move in.

One thought on “Slowly Moving Along

  1. baby steps …. and it's all going to come together just perfectly!!!! Excited for you both, even though those hiccups do tend to get in the way at times! Love, Mom

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